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Endungen mit Anfangsbuchstaben H
Dateiendung Beschreibung
H ADS Include File (Autodesk)
H C Program Header
H Header
H! Flambeaux Tutorial Database
H++ C++ Header File
H-- Sphinx C-- Header File
H0 Magix Musstu File
H1 Bruker Aspect NMR Data File
H1 Magix Musstu File
H16 VC98 Include 16-bit File
H32 BC45
H3M Game Map File
H4C Heroes of Might and Magic Map File
H4R Possible Container for .MP3 Files
H5B SuperHeat 5 Building File (Survey Design Associates Ltd.)
H6C SPP File
HA Compressed Archive
HAD MixlleniumEngine (Haydee) Web Server Module Style File
HAF HEAT Archive File
HAI NTgraph Nt09b-2b EMX Library File
HAK GameHack File
HAK Neverwinter Nights File
HAL Hyper Access Lite OS/2 Data File
HAL Mortyr Archive
HAM Image File
HAM Novell NetWare Disk Drivers NPA
HAN Viewpoint Headline Studio
HAP Hamarsoft HAP 3.x Compressed Archive
HAT Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Log Hat File
HAT HAT (HOORA Analysis Tool) Model
HAY MixlleniumEngine (Haydee) Web Server Module Content File
HAZ Flight Simulator Texture File (Microsoft)
HBB HAHTtalk Object File
HBC Home Buyers Calculator Suite
HBK Humanic Software Accounting Data
HBK MathCAD Handbook (Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc.)
HBM Hotline Book Mark (Hotsprings Inc.)
HBX Starmoney Macro file
HBZ Starmoney Macro file
HC BI/Suite Hypercube
HC Header File
HCD C Poet Examples Advanced Inc File
HCE HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Hydrograph File (Applied
HCI HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System IDF File (Applied
HCL Handwritten Claims Log
HCM IBM HCM Configuration
HCOM Macintosh Sound
HCP HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Project File (Applied
HCR Half-fold Card File
HCR IBM HCD/HCM Production Configuration
HCR HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Rainfall Definition (Applied
HCSS Hyper Color Swatch Set (SodaBush)
HCT Symantec Anti-Virus Live Update File
HCU HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Units Definition File
HCX Harvard Graphics Chart XL Chart (Harvard Graphics)
HD2 Curious Labs Poser Hand File
HDA HotDocs Document
HDB Nero File
HDB ACT! History File (Best Software CRM Division)
HDC HelloDOC Medical Software File (IMAGINE ?ditions)
HDD HelloDOC Medical Software File (IMAGINE ?ditions)
HDF Help Development Kit Help File
HDF Hierarchical Data Format File
HDF Procomm Plus Alternate Download File Listing
HDI AutoCAD Heidi Device Interface (Autodesk)
HDI HelloDOC Medical Software File (IMAGINE ?ditions)
HDL Procomm Plus Alternate Download File Listing
HDM Handheld Markup Language File
HDML Handheld Markup Language File
HDMP WinXP Trouble Report
HDO Helpdesk-One File
HDP Magix Music/Video
HDR ArcInfo Binary
HDR ArcView Header File (ESRI)
HDR Egret Data File
HDR MicroSim PCBoard Hole-Drill Schedule Report
HDR PC-File+ Database Header
HDR Photoshop (Adobe)
HDR Procomm Plus Message Header
HDS Hierarchical Data System
HDV Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 Vehicles Arrows File
HDW Harvard Graphics Draw Vector Graphics (Harvard Graphics)
HDX Help Index
HEA Fifa 2001 Data Feart Legal Screeen
HEC Grafic Pvquan Quant File
HED Hi-Eddi
HED HighEdit Document
HED ReliaSoft RG
HEH Scarlett Expert System Compiler Facts File
HEL Hellbender Saved Game (Microsoft)
HELI RealFlight Radio Control Airplane Description (Knife Edge Software)
HEP Novell NetWare Help Librarian Data File
HER Grafic GIF File
HESSIAN Insight II Hessian File
HESSIANX Insight II Hessian File
HEX Hex Dump
HEX HUGO Game File
HEX Macintosh BinHex 2.0 File
HF HF File
HFB Ralcgm File
HFI HP Font Info
HFS Macintosh Disk Image on CD
HFV Simulated Macintosh Volumes on PC Hard Drive
HFX HotFax File
HFX US Robotics Rapid Comm Voice Data File
HFX Harvard Graphics F/X File (Harvard Graphics)
HFZ Pinnacle Studio Video Editing File
HGH Star Wars - Tie Fighter High Score
HGL DN Highlight Groups Definition
HGL HP Graphics Language (Plotter File)
HGS HighGrow Virtual Seed File
HH C++ Header
HH HammerHead Drumloop File
HH Help Topic Map File
HHC Table of Contents File
HHC TurboTax Contents File (Intuit)
HHH Power C Precompiled Header
HHK Help Workshop Index File
HHK MS HTML Help Index
HHL Visual Basic File
HHP HTML Help Project
HHP Procomm Plus Help Data
HHTML Realmedia Adstream HTML File
HI High Scores
HI Spy-CD CD Search Index File
HI1 Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HI2 Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HI4 Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIA Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIB Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIC Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIF Quicken On-line File (Intuit)
HIG High Scores
HIH Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIM Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIN HyperChem Molecule
HIN Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIP Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIPS Bitmap Graphic
HIQ Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIR C64 Hires Bitmap Graphic
HIR Hidden Icon Resource
HIS DN History of Executing/Viewing/Editing
HIS Insight II Dynamics Trajectory History File
HIS Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIT HitPlayer Audio File
HIT Nonags Dialog Killer Data File
HIT The Sims (Maxis) Sound File
HIV RegShot Registry Hive File (TiANWEi)
HIW Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HIZ Spy-CD CD Search Database File
HJT TreePad Hypertext Database File
HK5 ACT! Database File (Best Software CRM Division)
HKC HTML-KIT Auto Complete Short-cuts
HL$ Compressed DOS Help File (Microsoft)
HLB VAX Help Library
HLF BASIC QuickBAS QuickB01 File
HLI MOJO 620 Logo (TDK)
HLL Boulderdash Game File
HLM Winhelp Vbhilfe File
HLN Microstation Hidden Line File
HLP HP-95LX Help File
HLP Stata Statistical Software Help File (Stata Corporation)
HLP Windows Help File (Microsoft)
HLX ATI Radeon Video Driver Support File
HLX Hyperlatex File
HLX Multi-Edit Help File
HLX Visual C++ Syntax Coloring Instructions (Microsoft)
HLX Hollex Cartridge Atari Cartridge Image File
HLZ Multi-Edit Packed Help File
HM Windows Help Context IDs used by MAKEHM.EXE.
HM2 Help & Manual Help File Project
HM3 Help & Manual Help File Project (ver 3)
HMF HOOPS Metafile (Tech Soft America)
HMI Descent Human Machine Interfaces MIDI File
HMM Procomm Plus Alternate Mail Read Option Menu
HMP Descent Human Machine Interfaces MIDI File
HMP Help Magician Pro Project (Stateline Software)
HMP Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Home Page File
HMP 3D GameStudio Terrain Entity (Conitec Corporation)
HMP Frontier: First Encounters Music File
HMR GeoTIFF Bitmap File (Bentley Systems, Inc.)
HMS HMS Archiware File
HMS MS SMS Inventory File
HMS Stentura 8000 or Stentura 8000LX Deposition File
HMX MixlleniumEngine (Haydee) Web Server Module Template
HM~ Help&Manual Backup Help File Project
HNC CNC Program File Heidenhain Dialog
HNF Humax Receiver Settings
HNV TheWord & Bible Companion Hebrew Names Version Bible
HO Knowledge Explorer Knowledge Representation Hierarchy Outline
HO Magix Music/Video
HOF Hall Of Fame
HOG Descent Mission File
HOG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File
HOR Horoscope
HOT Mosaic Internet Address
HOT The Sims (Maxis) Sound File
HP HP Graphics Language (Plotter)
HP Thor Database Primary Hash File
HP$ NTgraph Visual C Wizzard File
HP- HP Distribution Binary File
HP8 HP NewWave Write ASCII Roman8 Character Set
HPD Harry Potter Related
HPF HotLine Partial Download File
HPF PageMaker HP LaserJet Font (Adobe)
HPF NetHelp2 Project File (Netscape)
HPG HP Graphics Language (Plotter)
HPGL HP Graphics Language (Plotter)
HPH Designer Graphics System2 File
HPI GEM Font Information
HPI Hemera Photo-Object Image
HPI Total Annihilation
HPJ Help Project File
HPJ HP LaserJet Print-to-File
HPJ Visual Basic Help Project
HPK Compressed Archive
HPL HP Graphics File
HPLJ Hewlett-Packerd LaserJet Vector Image
HPM HP NewWave Emm Text
HPM Procomm Plus Alternate Main Menu for Privileged Users
HPM Procomm Plus Alternative Menu
HPM Quaestor 1.x High Performance Map
HPP C++ Builder 6 Program Header (Borland)
HPP C++ Program Header
HPP Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language Vector Image
HPP InfoMgr Database File
HPP Zortech C++ Header
HPPCL Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language Vector Image
HPR RoboHELP Configuration File
HPW CompuServe Home Page Wizard
HP_ Winhelp Compressed File
HP~ V-help File
HQX Macintosh BinHex 4 Compressed Archive
HR TRS 80 Graphic
HR2 Curious Labs Poser Hair File
HR5 Heredis 2000 Family History File (BSD CONCEPT)
HRC SoftImage Model Geometry File
HRF Hitachi Raster Format Graphic
HRH C++ and Resources Common Header
HRL Herolab EasyWin32
HRM Netmino File
HRM Procomm Plus Alternate Main Menu
HRU HRU Bitmap
HRX Herolab EasyWin32
HRZ Slow Scan Television (SSTV)
HS Hugs Source Code
HS Literate Haskell Source Code File
HS HSnapshot Screen Snapshot (PCNetWork)
HS2 Postering Monochrome Image
HSC HelpScribble Project Source (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
HSC HSC Tracker 2-op FM Music File
HSE Dreamweaver Snippet
HSF HOOPS Stream File (Tech Soft America)
HSH IIS NNTP Hash File (Microsoft)
HSI Handmade Software Graphic File
HSK Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
HSM Assembly Language Header University of Waterloo Engineering
HSM The Sims (Maxis) Sound File
HSP HomeSite WWW Page Project
HSQ CAST Application Mining Suite
HSQ Data File Associated with Qaz Trojan
HSR RezeptAssist Import and Export File
HSS Dreamweaver Snippet
HSS Photoshop Hue/Saturation Information (Adobe)
HST Corel QuickCorrect and Speller History File
HST WordPerfect (Corel)
HST History File
HST Host File
HST Image Alchemy Handmade Software Graphics Histogram
HST Netscape History File
HST Procomm Plus History File
HST Symantec Anti-Virus Live Update File
HST Yahoo Messenger History
HSZ Handyscript Skin (Ventris, Inc.)
HT HyperTerminal Data File (Hilgraeve Inc.)
HT BrailleNote Visual Display File (Pulse Data International Ltd.)
HTA Hemera Thumbnail Archive (Hemera Technologies Inc.)
HTA Hypertext Application
HTA Tonline BSW4 File
HTACCESS Apache Access Configuration
HTB HttpBrowser Database File
HTC HTML Component
HTF HTF Sounding File
HTF Virtual Hypertext Font
HTF WebBase File
HTI WebBase File
HTI Win Help Related File
HTM Hypertext Markup Language
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTML Mozilla (Netscape) Bookmark File (
HTMLS Server-side HTML File
HTN Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 printstyles file
HTR HTML-like script
HTR Motion Analysis Software Skeletal File
HTT Microsoft Hypertext Template
HTX Extended Hypertext Template
HTX MS FrontPage Database Results HTML-like query script.
HTZ HTML Editor Archive
HUF Huffman Encoded/Compressed File
HUH HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Unit Hydrograph (Applied
HULL Halflife Map Collision Hull File
HUN Dataview File
HUS Home Embroidery Format
HUS Husqvarna Designer I Embroidery Machine Format
HUY Eto Dlia Vas
HVD chosenOS HoverNews Skin File
HVD CMT Surveyor's Assistant 1.x/2.0x Job
HVD HerdView Event Data File
HVD ISIS Hviews File
HW Stanford University EPGY Homework
HWCFG VersaPro Hardware Configuration File
HWD Hollywood Presentation File
HWL Corel Shared Writing Tools 9.0 File
HWL Hangman Deluxe Word List
HWP Hangul (Korean) Word Processor File
HWPROJ Visual Studio .NET Help Project (Microsoft)
HX EARS Component File
HX THOR Database Cross-reference Hash File
HXK Help TOC/Index File
HXM Descent2 HAM File
HXM Procomm Plus Alternate Protocol Selection Menu for All Users
HXS Help 2 File
HXT Help TOC/Index File
HXX C++ Header
HX_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
HY1 Ventura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithmus
HY2 Ventura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithmus
HYC WordPerfect Hyphenation File (Corel)
HYD WordPerfect for Windows Hyphenation Dictionary (Corel)
HYP Acrobat Spelling File (Adobe)
HYP Hyper Compressed Archive
HYP Hypertext File
HYP Hyphenation File
HZ Chinese Text
H_ Winhelp Compressed File
H__ C++ Header Seldom used C++ Header (same as H++ and H)
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