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Endungen mit Anfangsbuchstaben T
Dateiendung Beschreibung
T Paradox Database File
T ReaGeniX Code Generator Tester Symbol Table
T Tads Source File
T TAR Tape Archive Without Compression
T Turing Programming Language File
T$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk5 File
T01 Tonline Netscape File
T01 TAXWIZ Deluxe Canadian Year 2001 Tax File (TAXWIZ)
T02 Tonline Netscape File
T02 TAXWIZ Deluxe Canadian Year 2002 Tax File (TAXWIZ)
T1 EARS Component File
T1 Male MRI
T2 Male MRI
T2 TrueType Font
T2K Teach2000 Document
T2T Sonata CAD Modelling File
T2W NTgraph Turbo Pascal File
T3 Tarshare File
T32 Drive Image5 File
T3D Fifa2000 Environment Data
T3D Swift 3D 3D Graphic (Electric Rain)
T44 dBASE IV Temporary File
T4G Tscad4 File
T4L Tscad4 Biblio File
T64 C64 Emulator Tape Image File (Read Only)
T65 PageMaker Template (Adobe)
T98 Kiplinger Tax Cut File
T99 Kiplinger Tax Cut File
T?? Ingres Table/Index File
T?? RAR Compressed File
TA0 TaxACT Tax Year 2000 Form (2nd Story Software, Inc.)
TA1 TaxACT Tax Year 2001 Form (2nd Story Software, Inc.)
TA2 TaxACT Tax Year 2002 Form (2nd Story Software, Inc.)
TA8 TaxACT Tax Year 1998 Form (2nd Story Software, Inc.)
TA9 TaxACT Tax Year 1999 Form (2nd Story Software, Inc.)
TAB ArcView Lookup File (ESRI)
TAB Diabetes Mentor File
TAB Guitar Tablature File
TAB Insight II Table File
TAB Lotus 1-2-3 Table
TAB MapInfo Table
TAB Stork Format Color Lookup Table
TAB TAB Separated File
TAF Birdstep Technologies RDM Database
TAF Tonline DB File
TAG Dataflex Query Tag Name
TAH Turbo Assembler Help File (Borland)
TAI INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Analyse Info
TAL TypeAlign Text Illustration File (Adobe)
TAL Typed Assembly Language File
TALK Text to Speech
TAM Tame Program Settings
TAO IsoBuster Data Recovery Tool
TAP Raw C64 Cassette Tape Image
TAP Tape File
TAP Wave Sound, Action Wave
TAP Geopath Editor File (SolutionWare Corporation)
TAP Embroidery File
TAR Tape Archive File
TARGA Truevision Targa Bitmap
TASP TASP Strategy Planner Data File
TAT Geographic Text Attribute Table
TAT Grafic TWAIN Toolkit File
TAT Text File
TAX Turbotax File
TAZ Compressed File
TB1 Turbo C Font (Borland)
TB2 Turbo C Font (Borland)
TB3 VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data File (Intel)
TB5 VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data File (Intel)
TBA DB/TextWorks Database Primary Textbase Definition
TBA PASSOLO Licensed Translation Bundle
TBALIC400 PASSOLO Translation Bundle
TBB The Bat! E-mail Hives (RITLABS)
TBC Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 Vehicles File
TBC Inovate Tool Bar Customization
TBC IronCAD Tool Bar Customization
TBD MSE File (Microsoft)
TBD Visual Studio File (Microsoft)
TBE TMPGEnc List File
TBF Imavox TurboFax Faxs
TBF Trellian Button Factory File
TBF MicroImages Print Job Batch File (MicroImages, Inc.)
TBG TeamBG File
TBH Mah Jongg for Windows Tile Set
TBH Turbo Basic Help File
TBI Fifa 2001 Be Command File
TBI The Bat! Hive Index (RITLABS)
TBK Asymetrix Toolbook
TBK Memo Backup
TBK The Bat! Backup Hives (RITLABS)
TBL ArcView Geocoding Support Table (ESRI)
TBL Generic Table
TBL Insight II Graph Data File
TBL OS/2 Table of Values
TBL PageMaker Import Mapping Table (Adobe)
TBL Starcraft Information Table
TBL Mozilla (Netscape) Excluded Fill Form Data Sites (
TBP TAS Books Accounts
TBPA Tektronix Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
TBR Norton Desktop Custom Toolbar
TBR SoftQuad XMetaL Toolbar/Menu Configuration
TBS German Word Text Elements (Microsoft)
TBS VTune Performance Monitor (Intel)
TBU PASSOLO Translation Bundle
TBULIC400 PASSOLO Translation Bundle
TBX Project Scheduler Table
TBZ BZIP2 Compressed TAR
TB_ Visc15 Adressen Setup File
TC Borland Configuration File (Borland)
TC Termcap
TC3 The Cleaner Trojan Infested File (MooSoft Development LLC)
TC6 Calc602 Spreadsheet (Software602, Inc.)
TCC Turbo C / GCC Include Std File (Borland)
TCD TopCopy Wordprocessing Document (Toplevel Computing)
TCF Theme Park World Game File
TCH Borland Help File (Borland)
TCH Complete Works Graph and Chart (Toplevel Computing)
TCI INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Configuration Info
TCL SLIDE: Scene Language for Interactive Dynamic Environments File
TCL TCL/TK Language Script
TCL TextPad Clip Library
TCL~ Tcl/tk File
TCM INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Comment Text File
TCO T9000 Object Modules
TCS TOPCALL Voicemail Player (TOPCALL)
TCSH Unix tcsh Shell Script
TCT Championship Manager Game File
TCT TurboCAD Template
TCW TurboCAD Drawing
TCX TurboCAD Drawing as Text
TD Turbo Debugger for DOS Configuration File (Borland)
TD0 Teledisk Disk Image
TD2 Turbo Debugger for Win32 Configuration File (Borland)
TD4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design (Infogrames Entertainment)
TD4 ThumbsPlus Version 4.x+ Graphics Database
TD6 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design (Infogrames Entertainment)
TDA Palm Date Book File
TDB ProWORX Nxt Title Data (Schneider Electric)
TDB TACT Database
TDB Thumbs Plus Database
TDB DÚjÓ Vu Terminology Database
TDB Complete Works Database (Toplevel Computing)
TDB ACT! Transaction Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
TDDD Imagine Object File Format
TDF MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Tool Definition File
TDF Setup Program Data
TDF ProWORX Nxt Title Data (Schneider Electric)
TDF Speedo Typeface Definition File
TDF TheDraw Font
TDF Trace Definition File
TDF Typeface Definition File
TDF Total Annihilation Features File (Cavedog Entertainment)
TDH Turbo Debugger Help File (Borland)
TDI Explore (TDI) & Maya
TDI TDI Explore & Alias Wavefront Image
TDIM Digital F/X
TDK Turbo Debugger Keyboard Record (Borland)
TDL FOCUS Three Dimensional Look File
TDL Intuit de Online Dat File
TDL Stratum Library File
TDM DIAdem Data Set (National Instruments Corporation)
TDO Compressed File
TDO Thumbs32 File
TDP Thedrums Compressed Audio File
TDP Serif DrawPlus Thumbnail
TDR Contents of Arvid Tape
TDR Tina Pro for Windows V6.0+ Graph/Results
TDS Triangle Digital Services Ltd. Embedded Computer Source Code
TDS Turbo Debugger Symbol Table (Borland)
TDT ASCII Data File in CSV Format
TDT Daylight Fingerprint Data File
TDW Turbo Debugger Configuration File (Borland)
TDX Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Texture File
TDY TODAY or BuildPro Application File
TE Textease File
TE2 Conquest of the New World
TEA Tea Template Source File
TED Tribes 2 Game File
TEE TeeChart Office Graphic
TEF Relisys Tefax Fax
TEF TablEdit Tablature
TEL Telnet Host File
TEM Badge Designer 2000
TEM Icon Author Template
TEM Turbo Editor Macro Language (Borland)
TEMP Audiogalaxy Downloading Music File
TEO Vincent Draw Drawing
TER CorelFlow Line Terminator
TER Daylon Leveller Heightfield Data
TER TerraGen Landscape File
TERRAIN TerraGen Terrain
TET Tetris Results
TET Textease Template
TEX Concordance Full Text Database File
TEX Idealist Datasheet
TEX LaTeX Source (LaTeX3 Project)
TEX Mackichan Scientific Notebook File
TEX PaintShop Pro Texture (Jasc)
TEX Text File
TEX Texture File
TEX Windows Hover Game Texture Picture
TEX TEXture used in Paint Shop Pro
TF TinyFugue MUD Client Macro
TF Turbo Profiler Configuration File (Borland)
TFA Turbo Profiler Area File (Borland)
TFC Tobi's Floppy Cataloguer Catalog
TFF Complete Works Form Contents File (Toplevel Computing)
TFH Turbo Profiler Help File (Borland)
TFM Tagged Font Metric
TFM TeX Font Metric File
TFM Toplevel Form File (Toplevel Computing)
TFM Twins File Merger
TFP ProWORX Nxt Full Page Data File (Schneider Electric)
TFR 4D Database Windows Formula Document
TFR IBM Client Access File Transfer
TFR Star Wars - Tie Fighter Game-Pilot File
TFR Time-Frequency Representation
TFS Turbo Profiler Statistic (Borland)
TFW ArcView World File For TIF Image (ESRI)
TFW Digital Raster Graphic World
TFX Traffix Traffic Analysis Software
TG NRC Inspection Manual Technical Guidance
TG1 On Target Project File
TG4 CCITT Group 4 Fax
TGA RealFlight Radio Control Trim Scheme (Knife Edge Software)
TGA Truevision Targa Graphic
TGD Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
TGH Tiliagraph File
TGH TrueGas Host File
TGI Pbm File
TGM Nem's Mega 3D Terrain Generator
TGT Corel40 Custom File
TGT Watcom C/C++ Individual Target (Sybase)
TGW Terragen Atmosphere File
TGW TerraGen World
TGWORLD TerraGen World
TGZ UNIX Tar File Gzipped
TH Javasoft JRE 1.3 Library File
THB Hijack Clipart Thumbnail
THB KinuPix Skin
THD Thread
THE Plus Pack Desktop Theme (Microsoft)
THEME Plus! Theme File (Microsoft)
THEME Windows 95 Desktop Theme
THM Canon G3 Digital Camera Thumbnail (Canon)
THM Clipart Gallery Database (Microsoft)
THM Serif DrawPlus Theme
THM Thumbnail Bitmap Image
THM Video Thumbnail File
THM Sony Ericsson Theme File (Sony Ericsson)
THML Theological HTML
THN Graphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail
THN GIF Construction Set Construction Data (Alchemy Mindworks)
THNL Graphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail
THOR THOR Database Database Description
THP LiveMath Plug-in
THP TeeGofer Help Project
THP TurboTax-related File
THR PROGNOSIS Threshold Document File
THS WordPerfect Thesauraus (Corel)
THU Command and Conquer Renegade File
THX Amiga THX Tracker Music (Amiga)
TI NRC Inspection Manual Temporary Instruction
TIB Acronis True Image
TIC Arcinfo Coordinates
TIC Lotto Pro 2002 Ticket
TID IBM Voice Type Language Tasks File
TIE X-wing Alliance Game File
TIF Digital Raster Graphic Image
TIF Tagged Image Format File
TIFF Tagged Image Format File
TIG Tiger Government Map File
TII TI Interactive Workbook (Texas Instruments Inc.)
TIK Script File for Game Textures
TIL Buttonz & Tilez Texture
TIL Tilia File
TIL Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Knowledge Base
TIM Playstation Game Texture Image
TIM The Incredible Machine Level File
TIM TIFF Image (rev 6)
TIN MapInfo Professional Transaction File (MapInfo Corporation)
TIP Startup Tip File
TIS Infinity Game Engine Tileset Information
TIS MahJongg Tile Set
TIX ASA for UNIX Terminfo Extension
TIX DivX File
TIX Hybrid Graphics File
TIX Tix Widgets
TJF VAXTPU Backup File
TJL Backup
TK TK Solver File
TK2 Take Two/Easy CD Creator Backup
TKB TicketBench Data File
TKM Panasonic SD Voice Editor File
TKM tkMOO-light
TKN Liberty BASIC Application Distribution File
TKP MicroImages SML Script Standalone Application (MicroImages, Inc.)
TKT TK Solver File
TKW TK Solver File
TLB Borland Type Library (Borland)
TLB Bubble Chamber Reference Table
TLB OLE Type Library
TLB Remote Automation OLE Typelib Files
TLB Remote Automation Truelib Files
TLB VAX Text Library
TLB Visual C++ Type Library (Microsoft)
TLB Portfolio Automation Interface (Extensis, Inc.)
TLB SPSS Type Library (SPSS, Inc.)
TLC Swat Compiled Tood Command Language Source
TLD Teledisk Disk Image
TLD Trellix File
TLD Tag Library Descriptor
TLE NASA Two-Line Element Set
TLE dpsVelocity TimeLine File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
TLF Avant! Memory Compiler Memory Models Format
TLF Gear Track List File
TLF Opengl Stonehenge File
TLF Short Message Service File
TLF Turnpike SCORE Link File
TLG Trellix WebGem
TLH Adder100 Source Code
TLI Adder100 Source Code
TLK Hand of Fate Archive
TLK Infinity Game Engine Lookup Table
TLK Lands of Lore Archive
TLO SPSS User Table Lookup (SPSS, Inc.)
TLP Project Timeline File (Microsoft)
TLP TimeLine Project
TLR Ccs-lib.2 Acs File
TLS Timeless Time & Expense
TLS Zortech 21 Readme File
TLT TList Data File
TLT Trellix Web Design File
TLW TLWallace.NET Document (TLWallaceNET Publishing Inc.)
TLX CuteSITE Builder File
TLX Goldwave 402 File
TLX Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Text Lyrics File
TLX Telex
TL_ Doko Compressed Install File
TM EOSAT Landsat Thematic Mapper Bitmap Data
TM HP Internet Advisor Capture File
TM Technics Keyboard Sound Memory File
TMA DCI TradeManager Catalog Archive
TMB Timbuktu Pro Connection Document
TMB Tmx Editor User File
TMC DCI TradeManager Catalog Archive
TMD Lotus TvMap Document
TMD TextMaker
TMD Timeless Time & Expense Multi-user Time & Expense Data File
TMF WordPerfect Tagged Font Metric File (Corel)
TMG The Marketing Game File
TMK Turbo Pascal TP_tour File (Borland)
TML Padgen File
TML AIRO Timeline File (Odetics Broadcast)
TMO Zortech C++ Global Optimizer Output File
TMP Norton AntiVirus Backed Up File
TMP Temporary File/Folder
TMPL Website META Language Template
TMQ TestMaster Question Set (Bob Beveridge)
TMR Simpsons Cartoon Studio File
TMS Telemate Script
TMS Timeless Time & Expense Multi-user Settings File (MAG Softwrx,
TMW TRADOS Translator's Workbench
TMW Timeless Time & Expense Multi-user Security File (MAG Softwrx,
TMX Tmx Editor File
TN1 Tiny Graphic
TN2 Tiny Graphic
TN3 Tiny Graphic
TNC SuperJPG ThumbNail Cache File
TNEF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format File (Microsoft)
TNF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format File (Microsoft)
TNG Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
TNI Virtua Tennis Menufiles Common File
TNK Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
TNK TrunkTrac Scanner Info
TNL Thumbnail
TNT TurnTool (TurnTool ApS)
TNV Bitware Fax File
TNY Tiny Graphic
TOC Eudora Table Of Contents
TOC FrameMaker (Adobe)
TOC Table of Contents
TOF Mr. Photo Temporary Thumbnail File (NewSoft)
TOH Infinity Game Engine Talk Table Override Header
TOK C++ 4.x External Token (Borland)
TOL Kodak Photoenhancer
TOL Tonline Bsw4 Tool File
TON Wave Siggen-2.1 File
TONE SOFT-TECH Alarm Clock and Raceway
TOO Asm Objasm
TOP INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Top Level File
TOP QuickVerse File
TOR Guitar Musik Trainer REGISTER.DS File
TOR Lomax Software Info File
TOR NBA 99 Art Ingame Anims File
TORRENT BitTorrent Metainfo File (Bram Cohen)
TOS Atari Executable
TOT Infinity Game Engine Talk Table Override Text
TOT Telelogic Option Templates
TP EROSION 3D Relief Parameters
TP Turbo Pascal Configuration File (Borland)
TP Turbo Profiler Session-state File (Borland)
TP3 Harvard Graphics Template (Harvard Graphics)
TP4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design (Infogrames Entertainment)
TP6 Top Producer System 6/6i Data
TPA Corel Graphics10 Custom File
TPA GROMACS Portable Binary Run Input File
TPB GROMACS Portable Binary Run Input File
TPB HiJaak PCL Soft Font File Backup
TPC Rtfgen File
TPC TokenPeek File
TPE Clarion for Windows Example File (SoftVelocity)
TPF HiJaak PCL Soft Font File
TPG TOPO! Sync Data File (National Geographic)
TPH Turbo Pascal Help File (Borland)
TPI Tonline File
TPI Visual Test Shell File
TPJ TestStand Project
TPL Access Workflow Designer (Microsoft)
TPL Cakewalk Audio Template File (Cakewalk)
TPL Canvas 7 Template
TPL DataCAD Template File
TPL fKey Template Designer Template File
TPL Harvard Graphics Template (Harvard Graphics)
TPL NoteTab Template
TPL Photoshop Tool Preset File (Adobe)
TPL Page Express Template
TPL TextBridge Template
TPL Timeslips TSImport Template (Peachtree Software)
TPL Turbo Pascal Resident Unit (Borland)
TPL Ulead iPhoto Express Template
TPL ACT! Document Template (Best Software CRM Division)
TPL MicroImages Text Template (MicroImages, Inc.)
TPL PHP Development Template
TPM TextPad Macro
TPO TOPO! mapXchange Document (National Geographic)
TPP Teleport Pro Project (Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc.)
TPP Turbo Pascal Protected Mode Unit (Borland)
TPP TypePlus File
TPR Clarion for Windows Repaired Data File (SoftVelocity)
TPR GROMACS Portable Binary Run Input File
TPR TMPEG Enc Video Conversion Project File
TPR Together Project Definition
TPS Clarion for Windows Topspeed Data File (SoftVelocity)
TPS Micro Perfect Products
TPT ThumbsPlus Thumbnail Template (Cerious Software, Inc.)
TPU Enable Teleprocessing
TPU Turbo Pascal Compiled Unit (Borland)
TPU VAXTPU Command File
TPW Turbo Profiler for Windows Session-state File (Borland)
TPX Photo Express Template (Ulead Systems)
TPZ Compressed File
TQI Insure++ File
TQL Insure++ File
TQL SQL Server Query Analyzer Header File (Microsoft)
TQL Tree Query Language File
TQS Insure++ File
TR Manual Page Input to UNIX troff -man Command
TR TomeRaider Compressed eBook File (Proporta)
TR Turbo Debugger Session-state Settings (Borland)
TR1 IBM Voice Type Language Addword File
TR1 Novell LANalyzer Capture File
TR2 Turbo Debugger Session-state Settings (Borland)
TR5 Tree Professional File
TRACE ECXpert Debugging File
TRACE TcpDump Output File
TRACE Telcordia Software Visualization and Analysis Toolsuite
TRACE WebSTAR Mail Server Error File
TRACE Zope 3 Strace Log
TRADALOG Tradalog (TradeDesk) Catalog File (Global TradeDesk Technology
TRC NAI Sniffer DOS Capture File
TRC Oracle SQL*Net Trace Debug File
TRC Power CTrace Debug Support File
TRC True BASIC Compiled Code
TRE Kith and Kin Export File
TRE PC Tools Directory Tree
TRE TreeAge Decision Tree File
TRE VisiRex SDK Tree Function File
TRE Wing Commander Series Movie/Game File
TRF DocuMagix File
TRG Symantec LiveUpdate File
TRI 3D Space Triangulated Head Surface (Neuroscan)
TRI Alias Triangle
TRI Cart3D Triangulation
TRI LiveUpdate Product Update List (Symantec)
TRI Quake texmake Utility Output
TRI Ribbons FRODO Contours (Triangles)
TRI Trigram File
TRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format Bitmap
TRK Kermit Script File
TRK Mixman Studio Track
TRK Track
TRK Train Dispatcher Railroad Centralized Traffic Control Simulation
TRM Terminal Settings
TRM Trim High-compression Lossless 8 to 32 bit Truecolor Image
TRM Windows 3.x Terminal Configuration Settings
TRN MKS Source Integrity Project Log
TRN PageMaker (Adobe)
TRN Quattro Translation (Corel)
TRN Quattro/Clarion Translation Support File
TRN SQL Server Transaction Backup (Microsoft)
TRN STN Express Transcript Text File
TRN TextBridge Training Data
TRN Translation
TRO Anti-Trojan
TRO IBM Voice Type Language Vocabels File
TRP Tripmaker File
TRP Watcom BINW File
TRS EROSION 3D Temporal Event File
TRS Micrografx Executable File
TRT Team Sports Scheduling System Report Template
TRU True BASIC Source Code
TRU TruSys System Comparison File
TRV Track Record Viewer TRV/TRVX Definition
TRW Turbo Debugger Session-state Settings (Borland)
TRX Emerald PC Authorize Batch Transaction File
TRX PASSOLO Translation File
TRX Track Record Viewer TRV/TRVX Index
TRZ Accusoft Alldemo File
TS Tune Smithy File (Robert Inventor)
TS Transport Stream MPEG-2 Video Stream
TSB TriSpectives 3D Drawing
TSB 3dMD or 3Q Viewer 3D Image
TSC Tina Pro for Windows V6.0+ Package Schematics
TSC Top Secret Crypto Gold File
TSC Win Help Related File
TSCE TextShield Zip-compressed .RTF File
TSD Tamino Schema Editor
TSF ProWORX Nxt Symbol File (Schneider Electric)
TSF TASP Save Strategy File
TSG Enable File
TSH Creatacard Transfer Project (Broderbund)
TSIG Top Secret Crypto Gold Detached Signature File (TAN$TAAFL Software
TSK PhotoImpact Quick Command
TSK Skins (Themes) for Pocket PC PDAs
TSK Trend Pc-cillin 2000 File
TSL Borland TeamSource File (Borland)
TSM Turbo Assembler for OS/2 Manual (Borland)
TSP Windows Telephony Service Provider
TSR INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Program Source
TSS Team Sports Scheduling System Project File
TSS Complete Works Spreadsheet (Toplevel Computing)
TST ExamView Test File (FSCreations, Inc.)
TST TextShield Template
TST WordPerfect Printer Test File (Corel)
TST Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
TSV Tab Separated Values File
TSW TestStand Workspace
TSX Team Sports Scheduling System XML Project File
TT Star Trek Armada Game Techtree Information
TT ThinkTank Outliner
TT True Type Font File
TTC TrueType Compressed Font
TTC TrueType Font Collection
TTF TrueType Font
TTK Alchemy Catalyst Translation Toolkit
TTL Tera Term Macro File
TTN Tartan Generator Saved Tartan (Clan Heritage (trading division
TTO IBM Client Access File Transfer Description
TTP Atari TOS Executable With Parameters
TTP Telelogic Tau Project
TTR TeeTree Office File
TTR TrueType Font
TTT TestTrack Pro Database File (Seapine Software, Inc.)
TTW Telelogic Tau Workspace
TTX Crystal Reports Data Connection File (Crystal Decisions)
TTX Technics Keyboard Long Filenames File
TTY Dreamweaver 3 Trial File
TT_ Compressed TTF File
TUB PaintShop Pro Tube File (Jasc)
TUD The Ultimate Draw Document
TUD Thumbs Plus Viewer Graphics
TUN Fifa World Cup File
TUO Thumbs Plus Viewer Graphics
TUR Webalizer Language File
TURBOC3 Turbo C Make File (Borland)
TUT Tutorial
TUW Office File (Microsoft)
TV Paradox Table View Settings
TV1 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 1 Insert Point (Corel)
TV2 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 2 Insert Point (Corel)
TV3 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 3 Insert Point (Corel)
TV4 TValue File
TV4 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 4 Insert Point (Corel)
TV5 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 5 Insert Point (Corel)
TV6 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 6 Insert Point (Corel)
TV7 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 7 Insert Point (Corel)
TV8 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 8 Insert Point (Corel)
TV9 WordPerfect Overflow File Above Document 9 Insert Point (Corel)
TVC Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
TVC NK - BMP/TV Format Lossless Compressor Bitmap
TVF dBASE Table View Settings
TVI Terminal Velocity Game Animation File
TVO TeveoLive
TVP NVIDIA Graphic Card Update File
TVR Boot File
TVS VectorMAX Streaming Video
TVT RealPlayer
TVVI InterVideo WInDVR
TWC Tripwire Configuration File
TWD Simtech MindMapper Mind Map
TWE ThinkWave Educator Data File
TWF Casio Organizer File
TWF Georeferenced Information File
TWF TabWorks File
TWG ThatWaltGuy Web Server File
TWN Op9630 Settings File
TWN Scanner Settings File
TWP Fine Words Wordprocessing Document (Toplevel Computing)
TWP Tripwire Policy File
TWP Complete Works Wordprocessing Document (Toplevel Computing)
TWP Thai Editor Thai Document (Story Bridge Creations Pty Ltd)
TWR Tripwire Report File
TWS TextPad Workspace File
TWS Tripwire Schedule File
TWW Tagwrite Template
TX Photoline5 Help File
TX$ Driver Modem Bitware Disk4 File
TX$ Poppad File
TX2 Typequick File
TX8 DOS Text File
TXA Clarion for Windows Application (.APP) Exported to Text Format
TXB Descent/D2 Encoded Briefing File
TXB Fifa 2001 Environment Data
TXC EverQuest Cached Compressed Texture
TXC Urban Chaos Game File
TXD Grand Theft Auto 3 Texture Dictionary
TXD Letters Direct
TXD Clarion for Windows Application Code in Text Format (SoftVelocity)
TXE Enriched Text File
TXF Compressed File
TXF Tax Exchange Format (Intuit)
TXG Georeference Subobject File
TXG Questionnaire Specification Language File
TXG SecureGroup File
TXI TeX Support File
TXK Kardplay 1.62 File
TXK KaraDOS Karaoke File Text
TXL Genesis3D Texture File
TXM DATAIR Pension Reporter Data File
TXM Steuer2001 Daten File
TXN Mfhdf Doc File
TXP PrivyPad (SlavaSoft Inc.)
TXR Corel Graphics10 Custom File
TXS Letters Direct
TXT DisplayWrite Document
TXT Text File
TXW Yamaha TX16W Wave Files
TXX DataPerfect Text Storage
TXZ Morfwarp AU File
TX_ Compressed TXT File
TX_ Webcd Fread File
TY2 Gualtieri Theme Maker
TYM PageMaker Time Stamp (Adobe)
TYP Thumbs32 File
TZ Compressed File
TZ Ingres Time Zone File
TZB Compressed File
TZB TAR.Z.btoa Compressed File
TZD Netscape Communicator Locale File
TZT CP/M Information File
TZX RamSoft's MakeTZX ZX Spectrum Tape Image
T_1 Polytext Ma'archot Meida Co. S"TaM
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