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Endungen mit Anfangsbuchstaben N
Dateiendung Beschreibung
N1E OM2 OMALI NENA Encrypted Document Version 1
N2E OM2 OMALI NENA Encrypted Document Version 2
N2P Net2Phone File
N3E OM2 OMALI NENA Encrypted Document Version 3
N4E OM2 OMALI NENA Encrypted Document Version 4
N64 MiMiX Emulator
N64 Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
NA2 Netscape Communicator Address Book
NAB Netscape Communicator Address Book
NAB Novell Groupwise Address Book
NAD Noder File
NAK Audio
NAL ArrayScribe (NimbleGen)
NAM Office Name File
NAN Nanoscope File
NAP Electrical Network Analysis and Planification
NAP EnerGraphics VideoShow File
NAP NAP Metafile Vector Image
NAP Napster Music Security Definition File
NAP VideoShow/EnerGraphics NAPLPS Vector Image Metafile
NAP ePolicy Orchestrator Network Associates Package (Policy File)
NAPLPS North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax = Vector
NASB TheWord & Bible Companion New American Standard Bible
NAV Application Extension (Microsoft)
NAV Microsoft Network Component (Microsoft)
NAV MSN Application Extension
NB Mathematica Notebook
NB Nota Bene Text File
NB WordPerfect Notebook (Corel)
NBA NBA Game Data
NBATTRS NetBeans Project Attributes File (Collab.Net, Inc.)
NBE Nessus File
NBF Backup NOW! Backup Archive (NewTech Infosystems)
NBG NBG Clean Registry File
NBK i-Brarian
NC Graphics File
NC Mastercam NC Programs
NC neatComponents
NC Numerical Control Machine Instructions
NC Preprosessed GOC Source
NC Unidata netCDF Graphics
NC Geopath Machine Part File (SolutionWare Corporation)
NCA NetCam Supervisor Archive
NCB Developer Studio File (Microsoft)
NCC Computer Numeric Control File
NCC NetCam Supervisor Directory
NCC NetControl V1 1999
NCC Content Copier File (Nokia)
NCD CoverDesigner CD Cover Picture (Nero)
NCD Norton Change Directory
NCD NTI CD-Maker File
NCD Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Native Circuit
NCF Lotus Notes Internal Clipboard
NCF Netware Command File
NCF GibbsCAM CNC Program Listing (Gibbs and Associates, Inc.)
NCH On Hold Message/Music File
NCH Outlook Express Folder File (Microsoft)
NCI Mastercam Toolpath File
NCI NetCam Supervisor Meta Data
NCM NetCam Supervisor Video
NCM Communicator Configuration Message (Nokia)
NCP NHL Ice Hockey 2002 User NHLcards File
NCS Netscape Conference Call File
NCSA NCSA Hierarchical Data File Bitmap
NCT Ahead Nero Cover Designer Template
NDB Intellicom Network Database
NDB ProWORX Nxt Short Comment (Schneider Electric)
NDB NetOp Various Information Files
NDB ACT! Notes Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
NDF NeoPlanet Browser File
NDF ProWORX Nxt Short Comment (Schneider Electric)
NDL Inmos Hardware Network Description File
NDL Lotus Notes
NDL Nodelist File
NDO 3D Low-polygon Modeler
NDQ Totem Cash Data File
NDS Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Saved Game (Lucasfilm
NDX ArcView Fonts Index File (ESRI)
NDX Index
NE1 OM2 OMALI NENA Document Version 1
NE2 OM2 OMALI NENA Document Version 2
NE3 OM2 OMALI NENA Document Version 3
NE4 OM2 OMALI NENA Document Version 4
NEB Nortec H.E.L.P.
NED MSN Application Extension
NEF Nikon Digital SLR Cameras Raw Graphic File Format
NEO Atari NeoChrome Bitmap Image
NEO NeoPhoto NeoPhoto Album (Archive) (DTLink)
NES Nintendo Entertainment System ROM Image
NET Network Configuration
NET OrCad Netlist Output File
NETA Netica Bayes Net File (Norsys Software Corp.)
NETCDF Scientific data NETwork Common Data Format
NEU MENSI 3D Laser Scanner File
NEW New Information
NEWS News Bitmap Image
NEX Neurological Data for Statistical Analysis
NEX Nexcon System File
NF CVIP NF_help File
NFF Haines Neutral File Format and WorldToolkit minimal 3D scene
NFF WorldToolKit Neutral File Format
NFL AutoCAD Multiline Filter List (Autodesk)
NFL Sierra Mastercook Layout File
NFO Folio Infobase
NFO JCanyon: Grand Canyon for Java DEM Companion File
NFO System Info File (Microsoft)
NFO Text File
NFO Warez Group Info File
NFT Netobjects Fusion Netobjects System File
NFX Netobjects Fusion Components BBScomp File
NG Norton Guide Online Documentation
NGB Nonogram Puzzle
NGD Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Native Generic Database
NGF Enterasys Networks NetSight Generated Format File
NGG Nokia Phone Group Graphics/Icons (Nokia)
NGL Sheffield Dictionary File
NGO NG Linker Object (NGML)
NGS NG Compiler Source (NGC)
NGS NGSSniff File
NH NetHack Defaults File
NHB No Hands Backup Backup Description (Anders Petersson's Free Software)
NHF Nero File
NHF Nero HFS-CD Compilation
NHL NHL Ice Hockey Game 2002 User Teams File
NI Netobjects Fusion Preview File
NIB Corel Graphics10 Photopoint File
NIB Interface Builder User Interface Resources (Apple Computer, Inc.)
NICK Office Data File (Microsoft)
NIF Navy Image File Format
NIF NetImmerse File Format
NIF Network Initialization File
NIFF Navy Interchange File Format Bitmap
NIL Norton Icon Library File
NIM Nokia Phone Game File (Nokia)
NIP Network Interface Plug-in
NIT ArcView INFO Table Definitions File (ESRI)
NITF National Imagery Transmission Format
NIV TheWord & Bible Companion New International Version Bible
NJP njPipes Compiler File
NJX NJStar Document
NK2 Outlook AutoComplete File (Microsoft)
NKJV TheWord & Bible Companion New King James Version Bible
NL Norton Desktop Icon Library
NLB Colin Mc Rae Car Race Network Leader Board
NLB Oracle 7 Data
NLD ATI Radeon Video Driver
NLF MicroSim PCBoard Netlist File for Schematics
NLF ReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
NLM Nokia Phones LogoManager Bitmap (Nokia)
NLM Netware Loadable Module (Novell)
NLO NetG Skill Builder
NLP Newsletter Profi 2001
NLR NLREG Nonlinear Regression Control File (Phillip H. Sherrod)
NLS Code Page National Language Support
NLTRACK NoLimits Rollercoaster Simulator Track File
NLU Norton Live Update E-Mail Trigger File
NLX FormWorx Form
NMA Normalised Extinction Corrected Differential Photometry
NMD SwordSearcher File
NMDAR Connectivity Memory Model Input File When Tau1=0.0
NMF Nuzzler Basic Message File (Securepoint Security Solutions)
NMF Nuzzler Basic Rule Definition File (Securepoint Security Solutions)
NMI SwordSearcher File
NMK Oc2.316s Cakit File
NML NewsMail 2.0 E-mail Newsletter (ESU-Soft)
NML NEURO ONE Static Neuron Model (Netral)
NML NML Language Source File (NevoSoft)
NMO Virtools Behavioral Objects
NMS Numega Softice's Loader File
NMS Virtools Graphical Scripts
NMW Netmeeting T126 Compatable Whiteboard Document (Microsoft)
NNB newnovelist Story Outline
NNI ANNI Artificial Neural Network Investing
NOA Cell Phone Video Clip
NOA Nancy Video CODEC
NOB Silver Sprites and Data
NOB Vampire: La Mascarade Archive
NOB VersaPro Word Exchange File
NOD NetObjects Fusion
NOD Noder File
NOI TGIF-3.0 File
NOL Nokia Phone Operator (Manager) Logo (Nokia)
NOM Aonix Nomad
NON Nonogram Puzzle
NON Star Wars - Tie Fighter Mouse Options
NOR ATI Radeon Video Driver
NOT Acrobat Spelling File (Adobe)
NOT ActiveNote Post-It-Notes
NOT Notation or Note
NOTE WordPerfect for Macintosh Help Document (Corel)
NOW Text File
NP Cliq Accessories Notepad Text
NP Planner Project Schedule (Nokia)
NPA ReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
NPC Jagged Alliance 2 Non-Player Character File (Sir-tech Canada Ltd.)
NPD Noder File
NPI dBASE Application Generator Source
NPK MikroTik RouterOS Upgrade Package
NPL DART Pro 98 Noiseprint Info
NPL Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Project File (Xilinx,
NPM Corel Graphics10 Draw Media Lines File
NPM Neopaint Mask
NPM Nokia Phone Picture Message (Nokia)
NPS Lotus Agenda File
NPS NeroMix File
NPT DART Pro 98 Noiseprint Archive Import
NQC Not Quite C Source Code (Dave Baum)
NR3 Nero MP3 CD-ROM Compilation
NRA Nero Audio-CD Compilation
NRA Nero File
NRB Nero CD-ROM Boot Compilation
NRB Nero File
NRC Nero UDF/ISO CD-ROM Compilation
NRD Nero DVD Compilation
NRE Nero CD Extra Compilation
NRF Neutral Raster File Bitmap
NRF Nicolet DataViewer Multi-segment Waveform Data (Nicolet
NRG IsoBuster Data Recovery Tool
NRG Nero CD-Image File
NRG Norton Registration Entries (Symantec)
NRH Nero File
NRH Nero Hybrid CD-ROM Compilation
NRI Nero File
NRI Nero ISO CD-ROM Compilation
NRL iManage File
NRM Nero File
NRM Nero Mixed-Mode-CD Compilation
NRSV TheWord & Bible Companion New Revised Standard Version Bible
NRT Nokia Phone Ring Tone (Nokia)
NRU Nero File
NRU Nero UDF/ISO CD-ROM Compilation
NRV Nero File
NRV Nero Video-CD Compilation
NRW Nero WMA CD-ROM Compilation
NS1 Network Stumbler
NS2 Lotus Notes 2 Database
NS3 Lotus Notes Database
NS4 Lotus Notes Database
NS5 Lotus Notes Domino File
NSB Novaschem School Schedule
NSC Noder File
NSC Windows Media Station File
NSD NRG Site Database
NSD Norton System Doctor Sensors Configuration (Symantec)
NSDF NevoSoftDB Standard Format Database File (NevoSoft)
NSF Lotus Notes Database
NSF NES Sound File
NSG Lotus Notes
NSH Lotus Notes
NSI Nullsoft Install System Script
NSI Symantec Shared File
NSK NaShrinK Archive (NashSoft Systems)
NSL Nokia Phone Startup Logo (Nokia)
NSO NetStudio Easy Web Graphics File
NSP Multi-Speech Sound File (Kay Elemetrics Corp.)
NSR Nessius Project
NSS Norton ScreenSaver Module
NST Audio
NST Noise Tracker Music Module
NSV Winamp3 Video Format File
NSX SuccessWare SIX 3.00 Compound Index File
NSX HiPer-Six Index File
NSX Apollo Database Engine Index
NT Windows NT Startup File
NT0 Adressmn
NT1 Adressmn
NT2 Adressmn
NT3 Adressmn
NTE Holonote Note
NTF Lotus Notes Database Template
NTH Imagemagick-5.3.2 Visualmagick JBIG File
NTO NTOScanner
NTP Neato CD Labels
NTR Netrun Executable Text File
NTS Netsend Executable Text File
NTS Norton Tutorial
NTT CD Label Template
NTW LVNet - Low Voltage Networks Analysis
NTW Noteworthy Composer Song File (NoteWorthy Software, Inc.)
NTX NTX Web Audio File
NTX CARIS Marine Navigation Info
NTX Clipper Index
NTX Network Terminal Accelerator Adapter Card Configuration
NTX yEnc32 yEncoded File
NTZ InVircible Directory Integrity Information
NU4 Norton Utilities DLL Root File
NU6 Norton Utilities System DLL File
NUF Procomm Plus New User Message
NUL CCS-lib.2 ACS File
NUL Grand Theft Auto (Playstation 2) Game File
NUM DOS 7 File
NUM Guitar Chords in Nashville Numbering System Format
NV Juno Access Number Info File
NV Visicontrol MVS-20 Non-Volatile Memory Backup File
NV3 Visicontrol MVS-30/35/40 Flash-Memory Backup File
NVD AOLpress Help
NVD NetworkView Network Discovery
NVF Nomad II Voice File (Creative Technology, Ltd.)
NVF Visicontrol MVS-20 Non-Volatile Memory Backup File
NVM AOLpress Help
NVV Nvidia Vertex Shader (Nvidia)
NW NoteWorthy 2 File
NW Graal Level (Cyberjoueurs)
NW3 Netware.3x File
NW4 Netware.4x File
NWC NavisWorks File
NWC Noteworthy Composer Song File (NoteWorthy Software, Inc.)
NWD NavisWorks File
NWF NavisWorks File
NWS Newsmaster or Newsmaster II Data File
NWS Outlook Express News File (Microsoft)
NWS Creatacard Newsletter or Photo Album or Presentation or Report Cover or Resume Project (Broderbund)
NWX Nwx Editor (TheOutlawDad)
NW_ Noteworthy Compressed Audio File
NXT NeXT Sound File
NYM Sheffield Dictionary File
NZ Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
NZL Corel Painter Nozzle File
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