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Endungen mit Anfangsbuchstaben X
Dateiendung Beschreibung
X Alysis SuperDisk Self-extracting Archive
X Amapi 3D Modeling
X Direct3D Object (Microsoft)
X LEX Program File
X Stardent AVS X Image
X Xview Object
X01 Paradox Secondary Index
X02 Paradox Secondary Index
X03 Paradox Secondary Index
X04 Paradox Secondary Index
X05 Paradox Secondary Index
X06 Paradox Secondary Index
X07 Paradox Secondary Index
X08 Paradox Secondary Index
X09 Paradox Secondary Index
X10 X Window Dump Bitmap
X11 X Windows System Window Dump Bitmap
X13 Hooligans
X16 Macromedia Program Extension
X32 Macromedia Program Extension (Macromedia)
X3D x3D and xdart Formats
X3D Xara 3D Project File (Xara)
X4M TeamLinks Mail File Data
X5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
X64 C64 Emulator Disk Image
XA Extended Architecture File
XA File on PSX Disc
XA Gear CD Suite File
XA The Sims (Maxis) Extensive Audio
XAB Mail Address Book (Microsoft)
XAB Xenis Mail Address Book
XACT XactScript File (XactCommerce)
XAP Xbox Dashboard Script (Microsoft)
XAR Corel Xara Drawing
XAR Xara X Vector Drawing (Xara)
XAR Excel AutoRecover File (Microsoft)
XBE Xbox Executable
XBF Database File
XBF Emperor Battle for Dune
XBM X Bitmap Graphic
XBW Crossword
XB~ IC File
XC X Server Constant Screen Image Bitmap
XCF GIMP Image File
XCK Extended Crack File
XCL Xtree for Win Script
XCR Warlords Battlecry
XD CCS-lib.2 Examples Motif-CC File
XDE Tgif-3.0 File
XDF Extended Disk Format Image
XDF Milnta APL Transfer Function
XDF ProWORX Nxt Extended Memory Data (Schneider Electric)
XDF Workshare Synergy File
XDR BizTalk XML-Data Reduced Schema (Microsoft)
XDR_TOR Insight II Binary Torsion File
XDS OpenGL Performer Script
XDS XDS X-ray Detector Software
XDW Fujixerox DocuWorks File
XDW Milnta APL Transfer Function
XEC Afaria (XcelleNet)
XEX KERMIT Control File
XEX Renamed .EXE File
XFD XML Form in XFDL Format
XFD Atari Disk Image (Atari)
XFDF Acrobat Forms Document (Adobe)
XFI LaTex Figures File
XFM Cool Edit Pro Transform Effect
XFM OmniForm XML Format
XFN Ventura Printer Font
XFR Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Version Failed Update
XFR Ventura Publisher Bitmap Editor Font File
XFS eRacer Sound File
XFT Chiwriter 24 Pin Printer Font
XFX Fax File
XG0 Database Index; Paradox Secondary Index
XG1 Database Index; Also XG2, XG3...
XG1 Techno Toys XG-909 MIDI Drum Machine File
XG2 Database Index; Also XG3, XG4à
XG3 Database Index; Also XG4, XG5à
XG4 Database Index; Also XG5, XG6à
XG5 Database Index; Also XG6, XG7à
XG9 Techno Toys XG-909 MIDI Drum Machine File
XGL MegaBitz Graphics Language File
XGM Techno Toys XG-909 MIDI Drum Machine File
XGO GeoConcept File
XGO LogMate for Windows File
XGO Paradox Database-related File
XGP PicturePlayer Password Protected Files (PicturePlayer)
XGR Graph Edit XML Graph (Microsoft)
XGS PicturePlayer Scrambled Files (PicturePlayer)
XGZ MegaBitz Vector Drawing
XHDML XML Version of HDML File
XHESSIAN Insight II Hessian File
XHT Extensible HyperText Markup Language File
XHTM Extensible HyperText Markup Language File
XHTML Extensible HyperText Markup Language File
XHTML Libxml HTML File
XI Fast Tracker 2 Instrument
XI ScreamTracker Instrument File
XIF eXtended Image File Format
XIF Often a Fax Image (TIFF) File
XIF Pagis XIF Extended Image Format (ScanSoft, Inc.)
XIF Wang Image File
XIF Xerox Image File
XIM X11 Xim Toolkit Bitmap
XIP Hotbar Image Compression Format
XIP HP95 Execute-in-place Program
XIP Xbox Dashboard (Microsoft)
XIX IIS NNTP Subject Lists (Microsoft)
XJS WinExplorer Java Script
XJT Compressed GIMP Image with Properties of GIMP
XJTGZ Compressed GIMP Image with Properties of GIMP
XJTZ2 Compressed GIMP Image with Properties of GIMP
XL Excel Spreadsheet (Microsoft)
XL Old Amiga Movie Format
XL$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
XLA Excel Add-in (Microsoft)
XLA Xlib Archive
XLB Excel File (Microsoft)
XLC Excel Chart (Microsoft)
XLD Excel Dialog (Microsoft)
XLE Cooktop File
XLG AutoCAD XREF Log (Autodesk)
XLG Xnetech Engraving Logo File
XLK Excel Backup (Microsoft)
XLL Excel Add-in (Microsoft)
XLM Excel Macro (Microsoft)
XLR Works (Microsoft)
XLS DATAIR Data Import Specification Translation File
XLS Excel Worksheet (Microsoft)
XLS Works Spreadsheet (Microsoft)
XLSHTML Excel HTML Document (Microsoft)
XLSMHTML Excel Archived HTML Document (Microsoft)
XLT Excel Template (Microsoft)
XLT Lotus Translation Table
XLT Procomm Plus Translation Table
XLTHTML Excel HTML Template (Microsoft)
XLV Excel VBA (Microsoft)
XLW Excel Workspace (Microsoft)
XLX XoloX Incomplete Download File
XM Fast Tracker 2 Extended Module
XM Sound File
XMAP File That Controls How XML/XSL Gets Served
XMB X-Wing Mission Briefing File
XMF Milnta APL Transfer Function
XMFG MediaForge Runtime Player
XMI EverQuest File
XMI Winamp Extended MIDI File
XMI XML Metadata Interchange Format
XML Extensible Markup Language File
XMP Graphic File
XMP Spice Pspice Library File
XMS AutoCAD External Message (Autodesk)
XMS ViewCafT XML Markup Session
XMT_TXT Parasolid CAD File
XMV Milnta APL Transfer Function
XMX AutoCAD External Message Compiled File (Autodesk)
XMX Character Set File
XMZ Fasttracker 2/Extended Module
XMZ MegaView XGL Movie
XNF Standard Network File Form
XNG OM2 911 Xchange Version 6 Document
XNG FishXing Culvert Data File (Stream Systems Technology Center,
XNK Exchange Shortcut (Microsoft)
XNML NML Language Language Extension (NevoSoft)
XNT Spice Pspice Library File
XOF RenderMorphics
XOI eZediaMX and eZedia Player Locked Presentation Document
XOS Xaos Tools Bitmap Image
XOT Xnetech Job Output File
XP System Utility File
XPB XPB! Basic Source Code (Tony D. Jones)
XPI Mozilla Browser Archive
XPIX Nonogram Puzzle
XPJ X-Pert for Windows File (Decisive Tools (USA) Pty Ltd)
XPK Spice Pspice Library File
XPL Music File
XPL WinExplorer Simple Script
XPL Xset Plug-ins File
XPM BMC Software Patrol UNIX Icon File
XPM X Picsmap Graphic
XPO Expo Product Tours Project (InstallShield Software Corporation)
XPO Omega Research ProSuite
XPO X-port Version 1
XPP Multimedia Data File
XPR exPresset CD Label (Pressit)
XPR Expression 3 Graphic File (Creature House Ltd.)
XPS X-port Version 2
XPT XPCOM Type Library
XPTHEME Winstyles Theme
XPW Leading Market Technologies EXPO
XPW Accessible FormNet Fillable Form (Intercon Associates Inc.)
XPY MarketBrowser
XQT SuperCalc Macro Sheet
XQT Waffle Executable File
XR1 Epic MegaGames Xargon File
XRC wxWindows/wxPython Resource File
XREF AIX Cross Reference File
XRF Cross Reference
XRF Crossreference File
XRP Experior Practice Management Report (Experior Corporation)
XRS Realplayer Plug-in External Resources File
XRW Architag XRay XML Editor
XS Hummingbird Exceed File
XSC XML Schema
XSD XML Schema
XSF Milnta APL Transfer Function
XSI Softimage XSI
XSL FileMaker Database Design Report Template
XSL Steuer2001 File
XSL XML Stylesheet
XSLT XSL Transform File
XSO Expresso Project File (Ultrapico)
XSS Ability Office Spreadsheet
XSTEP XStep DWI Maker File
XSU Fortran Libf77 File
XSUM Clapack File
XSW Milnta APL Transfer Function
XT FastTracker Music Track
XT* Crosstalk Related File
XTB LocoScript External Translation Table (LocoScript Software)
XTG Quark Xpress Tags File
XTP XTree Data File
XTP XTreeGold Overlay
XTR RealArcade Compressed Data File
XTS Babya Desktop Shell System Software Extension
XTS CSPro File
XUF Milnta APL Transfer Function
XUL XML User Interface Language
XUW Milnta APL Transfer Function
XV Khoros Visualization Image File
XVB WinExplorer VB Script
XVP Xview Package File
XVS Xview Scene Package File
XVU BOClean Database File
XWC Crosstalk for Windows Compiled Script
XWD Crossdown Puzzle File
XWD X Windows Dump
XWF Yamaha XG Works File
XWF Yamaha XG Works File
XWI X-Wing Mission File
XWK Crosstalk Keyboard Mapping
XWP Crosstalk for Windows Phone book
XWP Crosstalk Session
XWP Xerox Writer Text File
XWP XMLwriter XML Editor Project File (Wattle Software)
XWS Crosstalk for Windows Script
XWS Xara Webstyle File (Xara)
XWZ Xset Wizards File
XWZ_1 Xteq X-Setup File
XX Arcedit Temporary File
XX Xxencoded File
XXE Xxencoded File
XXI GameSpy Arcade
XXL Archive
XXT Extension DLL
XXX Compucon/Singer PSW Embroidery Design File
XXX Controlware VJ400 Digital CCTV Recording
XXY SPARC Executable Script File
XY XYWrite Text File
XY3 XYWrite Text File
XY4 XYWrite IV Document
XY4V XYWrite IV document
XYP XYWrite III Plus Document
XYW XYWrite Windows 4.0 Document
XYZ ASCII RPG Maker Graphic Format
XYZ F÷rderdiagnose Data File (Bettinger Software)
XYZ Graph Coordinates
X_T Parasolid CAD File
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