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Endungen mit Anfangsbuchstaben P
Dateiendung Beschreibung
P Applause Picture
P Cliq Accessories Datebook Permissions
P PASCAL Program File
P Progress Database Procedure File (Progress Software)
P ReaGeniX Code Generator Application Parameter File
P00 C64 Emulator Program File
P01 IsoBuster Data Recovery Tool
P01 Parity Volume Set
P02 Parity Volume Set
P03 Parity Volume Set
P04 Parity Volume Set
P05 Parity Volume Set
P06 Parity Volume Set
P07 Parity Volume Set
P08 Parity Volume Set
P09 Parity Volume Set
P1 MicroImages Print Driver File (MicroImages, Inc.)
P10 Certificate Request
P10 Tektronix Plot 10 Drawing
P10 PKCS #7 Certificate
P12 MIME Digital Identification File
P12 Personal Information Exchange File
P16 ProTracker Studio Music
P1C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
P1I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
P22 Patch22 Patch File
P2A IBM Voice Type Language Vocabels File
P2C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
P2C pic2clik Photo Album
P2I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
P3 Primavera Project Planner
P34 P34 Lotto File
P3C IBM Voice Type Language New User File
P3C Primavera Project Planner Compressed Backup (Primavera Systems,
P3D 3D Graphic
P3D Operation Flashpoint Game Model
P3E PC-Doctor File
P3I PC-Doctor File
P3P Platform for Privacy Preferences
P56 Patch
P5W Ressource
P64 H.261 Encoded Video File
P64 Picasso 64
P65 PageMaker Version 6.5 File (Adobe)
P7 Xv Visual Schnauzer Thumbnail Format
P7B PKCS #7 Certificate
P7C PKCS #7 Certificate
P7M PKCS #7 MIME Message
P7R PKCS #7 Certificate
P7S PKCS #7 Signature
PA Print Artist Project
PA1 PageAhead Worktable
PA2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PA3 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PA3 Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland)
PA4 Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland)
PA5 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PA5 Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland)
PAB Personal Address Book (Microsoft)
PAC LPAC Lossless Compressed Audio (Tilman Liebchen)
PAC Desperados: Wanted D|A Archive
PAC Photo-CD Multi-resolution Image File
PAC Pacman File
PAC Sound Blaster Studio II Package
PAC STAD Graphic
PAC Win2020 / Polistream Video Subtitle Data (Screen Subtitling
PAC Windows Applications Manager Added or Changed Package
PAD MicroSim PCBoard PADS-compatible Netlist File
PAD Scanner Output
PAD Telemate Keypad Definition
PAD Top Secret Crypto Gold File
PAD Visual Expert Source Code Documentation
PAE PowerArchiver 20002 Encrypted Archive
PAE Projet Personal AVI Editor
PAF Ensoniq PARIS Audio Format (E-MU)
PAF Personal Ancestral File
PAG Lmsoft-Hypermedia Page
PAG Property Page File
PAG Visual Basic Property Page File
PAINT MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
PAK Compressed Archive File
PAK Dune 2 Archive
PAK Final Fantasy 8
PAK Half Life Archive
PAK Hand of Fate Archive
PAK Heretic 2 Archive
PAK Hexen 2 Archive
PAK Infonie File
PAK Lands of Lore Archive
PAK Quake 2 Archive
PAK Quake Archive
PAK Trickstyle Archive
PAK Daikatana
PAL Color Palette
PAL Command & Conquer File
PAL Compressed File
PAL Harvard Graphics Palette (Harvard Graphics)
PAL Lotus Freelance
PAL PageMaker Library Palette (Adobe)
PAL Personal Ancestral File
PAL Protos Process Model (Pallas Athena)
PAL Tree Professional Palm Creator File
PAL ZX Spectrum-Emulator
PALM Palm Pixmap
PALM Programming
PAM Tonline Ob4hbci Smartupdate File
PAN Chromeleon Control Panel
PAN CorelDraw Printer-specific File
PAN Infinite Pictures, Inc. iMove Viewer
PAN SmoothMove Pan Viewer
PAN The Panorama Factory Project
PAP Corel Painter Pattern, Selection or Texture File
PAP Tree Professional Palm Creator Image File
PAQ HP System Recovery File (Hewlett-Packard)
PAQ Quantum Archive
PAR Digitalk Parts Application
PAR Fractint Parameter File
PAR ImageZoom Parameter File (Scalado)
PAR Mirror Archive Restoration File
PAR Model Parameter File
PAR Parity Volume Sets (.P01,...)
PAR POV-Ray Parameter File
PAR SAP Enterprise Portal Component
PAR SmartPar
PAR SolidEdge 3D CAD Model
PAR Windows 3.x Permanent Output (Swap) File
PAR FMS Flight Characteristics File (Roman & Michael M÷ller)
PAR2 Parity Archive Volume Set
PARAM Kosima Scripts File
PART eDonkey 2000 Partial Download
PART Partial Go!Zilla Download
PART1 Netobjects Fusion Netobjects System File
PART2 Netobjects Fusion Netobjects System File
PAS C++ and Delphi Builder 6 Source (Borland)
PAS Delphi Source (Borland)
PAS Pascal Source Code
PAS Delphi Source
PASS Quiz Editor Password Protected File (Minimouse)
PAT Advanced Gravis Ultrasound Patch File
PAT Arcinfo Coverage
PAT ArcView Geocoding Pattern Recognition File (ESRI)
PAT AutoCAD Hatch Pattern (Autodesk)
PAT Corel Vector Pattern
PAT DART Pro 98 Pattern
PAT MultiMate 3.3
PAT File Investigator Pattern File
PAT Forte Technologies Patch File
PAT GIMP Pattern
PAT Gravis UltraSound Sound Patch
PAT Hatch Patterns Photostyler
PAT PaintShop Pro Pattern (Jasc)
PAT Patch File
PAT Polygon Attribute Table
PAT Smash Simulator Test Pattern
PAT Sound
PAT US Patent and Trademark Office Bitmap
PAT Vector Pattern
PAT WarHack Warcraft2 exePatch Utility
PAT Fast-Talk Phonetic Audio Track (Fast-Talk Communications, Inc.)
PATCH General Patch File
PATTERN Photoline5 Defaults File
PAU OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Paused Message
PAV Panda Antivirus File
PAV???? Panda Antivirus File
PAX Project A.R.S.E Brain File
PAY PriorityRate (Priority Data Sytems)
PAZ Project A.R.S.E Brain File
PB FAXability Fax
PB PixBase Setup
PB PixBase Setup File
PB PowerBasic Configuration
PB Proboard Configuration
PB WinFax Pro Phone Book (Symantec)
PB1 First Publisher Document
PB2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PBA Powerbasic Source Code
PBA Process Panel Builder (ABB)
PBB MS Mail Address Information File
PBD Faxit Phone Book
PBD Graphic Format (Adobe)
PBD PowerBuilder Dynamic Library
PBD Epicentric Portal Server Module Java Bean (Vignette Corporation)
PBF Portable Bitmap Format File
PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File
PBF Grand Prix Legends BMAP (Bitmap) File
PBF Paragon Disk Image
PBF PBook E-book Format
PBH PowerBasic Help File
PBI Powerbasic Include File
PBI Profiler Binary Input (Microsoft)
PBK ElectraSoft Fax Phone Book
PBK HP-95LX Phone Book File
PBK Phonebook (Microsoft)
PBL Powerbasic Library
PBL PowerBuilder Library
PBM UNIX Portable Bitmap Graphic
PBMV Portable Bitmap File
PBN Portable Bridge Notation
PBO Operation Flashpoint Archive
PBO OpFlashpoint Game Mission Folder
PBO Profiler Binary Output
PBOB Vbox Preview (Aladdin Knowledge Systems)
PBP Perl Builder File
PBPROJ Project Builder Project (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PBQ Audio
PBQ PunkBuster Query Script
PBR BI/Suite Hypercube Presentation
PBR BorderManager 3.5 Support Pack 3 File
PBR PowerBuilder Resource
PBR PowerBuilder Resource File
PBR Publisher Autosave/Autorecovery/Backup File (Microsoft)
PBS Paint Shop Pro Brush Stroke Preset (Jasc)
PBS PowerArchiver Backup Script
PBT Micro Dynamics MARS
PBT Profiler Binary Table
PBV Paint Shop Pro Bevel Preset (Jasc)
PBX Outlook Express Message Folder
PC PC-specific Text File
PC Postcard
PC Sierra Print Artist Postcard
PC Oracle Pro*C Source Code (Oracle)
PC Personal Composer Musical Notation (Personal Composer Inc.)
PC1 Degas & Degas Elite
PC2 AutoCAD R14 Plotter Configuration (Autodesk)
PC2 Degas & Degas Elite
PC2 PrivateChat!
PC2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PC3 AutoCAD R2000 Plotter Configuration (Autodesk)
PC3 Degas & Degas Elite
PC3 Harvard Graphics Custom Palette (Harvard Graphics)
PC3 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PC5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
PC5 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PC8 NewWave Write ASCII IBM8 Character Set
PC? 2D Graphic
PCA MicroSim PCBoard Layout Database File
PCA PCAnywhere Registry Backup
PCA Sonic Foundry Perfect Clarity Audio File (Sony)
PCB ACCEL or Protel Printed Circuit Board File
PCB Broderbund Print Shop Business Card
PCB Ivex Winboard Design File
PCB PADS Printed Circuit Board
PCB P-CAD Database
PCB PC-Doctor File
PCB PowerPoint Application Data File (Microsoft)
PCB Print Shop Deluxe Business Card
PCB Protel Technology Advanced PCB Design
PCC PC Checkup System Information
PCC PC Paintbrush Cutout Picture Vector Graphic (Zsoft)
PCC PC Paintbrush Image File
PCC VideoCraft GIF
PCD Images CD Creator Corel Adaptec
PCD P-Code Compiled Test Scripts
PCD Photo-CD Image
PCD Visual Test (Microsoft)
PCDS Photo-CD Image
PCE Borland Package Collection Editor File (Borland)
PCE Eudora Mailbox Name Map
PCE Mail Signature
PCE PC-Doctor File
PCE Print Shop Envelope
PCF Calyx Point
PCF HP-95LX Printer Configuration File
PCF Paint Shop Pro Colored Foil Preset (Jasc)
PCF Profiler Command File
PCF UNIX Font File
PCF Cisco VPN Client Configuration (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
PCG Photo CD Graphic File
PCG TRITON Le or Karma Music Workstation Ver. 1.x and 2.x Synthesizer
PCH C PreCompiled Header (Microsoft)
PCH Patch File
PCI PC-Doctor File
PCI Windows PCI Miniport file (Microsoft)
PCI1 DCX-PCI100 Motion Control Command Language File
PCI3 DCX-PCI300 Motion Control Command Language File
PCJ IBM Linkaway-Live Multimedia Tool Graphics
PCK Commandos II File
PCK Package
PCK Turbo Pascal Pick File (Borland)
PCL 2D Graphic Page Control Language
PCL HP Printer Control Language (Hewlett-Packard)
PCM Bliss for Windows (Handicom)
PCM Embroidery Design File
PCM Image Photoline
PCM LaserJet Printer Cartridge Metric (Hewlett-Packard)
PCM OKI MSM6376 Synth Chip PCM Format
PCM Sound File
PCN Paint Shop Pro Contour Preset (Jasc)
PCP AutoCAD R13 and Prior Plotter Configuration (Autodesk)
PCP PC Paint (DOS) Bitmap Image
PCP Symantec Live Update Pro
PCR Creatacard Post Card Project (Broderbund)
PCS Apple Macintosh PICT File Animation (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PCS Painter4 PICT File
PCS Pfaff Home Embroidery Format
PCS PICS Animation
PCS Powerpoint ClipArt Gallery Picture Storage (Microsoft)
PCS Ultra Zip Password Cracker (UZPC)
PCT Bitmap Graphic
PCT Clipart ClarisWorks
PCT Honeywell GUS Display Builder
PCT Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
PCT PC Paint Bitmap
PCW PC Write Text File
PCX PC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic
PD Paradox Table
PD1 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
PD2 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
PD3 3ds max (Discreet)
PD3 Denso BHT-7000 Terminal Executable Program File
PD3 ICDD X-ray Powder Diffraction Patterns and Digitized Diffractogram
PD3 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
PD4 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
PD5 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
PDA Bitmap Graphic
PDA Image Print Shop Deluxe
PDB Brookhaven Protein Databank File
PDB C64 Emulator File
PDB Insight II Brookhaven Protein Databand File
PDB MonkeyCard/MonkeyLogo
PDB Palmpilot Database/Document File (Palm)
PDB Pegasus DataBase
PDB Photo Deluxe Image
PDB PhotoDeluxe Image (Adobe)
PDB Pilot Image Format
PDB PowerBuilder Dynamic Library
PDB PowerDesigner Physical Model Backup
PDB Powerproject Teamplan
PDB Program Database VisC++ 32-bit LINK Program Information
PDB Protein DataBank
PDB QuickPOS Database File
PDB Ribbons Data
PDB Tact File
PDB TealPaint
PDB Visual Dev C++ Debugging Info (Microsoft)
PDBX Insight II X-PLOR Coordinate File
PDC PowerDivX NextGen Media Player Chapter File
PDC PReS Print Control
PDD PhotoDeluxe Image (Adobe)
PDF Acrobat Portable Document Format (Adobe)
PDF Analyser Protocol Definition
PDF ArcView Preferences Definition File (ESRI)
PDF Ed-Scan 24-bit Graphic File
PDF Netware Printer Definition File
PDF Package Definition File
PDF P-CAD Database Interchange Format
PDF QuarkXpress Printer Definition
PDF Ventura Publisher EPS-variation Page (Corel)
PDG PrintShop Deluxe File
PDI IBM VideoTex
PDI PowerPoint Import/Export (Microsoft)
PDI PReS Document Creation Subroutines
PDI InstantCopy Disc Image (Pinnacle Systems, Inc.)
PDL C++ Project Description Language (Borland)
PDL Print Shop Deluxe Flyer
PDL SymbianOS Printer Driver
PDM PowerDivX NextGen Media Player
PDM Sybase Power Designer File
PDN Plan de Negocio
PDO Access Package Deployment Script (Microsoft)
PDP Broderbund Print Shop Deluxe File
PDP Photoshop PDF Format (Adobe)
PDQ Patton & Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite File
PDQ PDQ Lite Flowchart
PDR Port Driver (Microsoft)
PDR SymbianOS Printer Resource File
PDS IncrediMail (IncrediMail Ltd.)
PDS NASA Planetary Data System Format Space Mission Data
PDS Planetary Data System
PDS PLDASM Source Code
PDS Print Shop Graphic
PDS Source Code File
PDS Telsis HiCall Program File
PDS VICAR: Video Image Communication and Retrieval Graphic
PDT ProCite Primary Database
PDT VersaPro Compiled Block
PDT InkWriter/Note Taker Template (Microsoft)
PDV Paintbrush Printer Driver
PDW HiJaak Vector Graphics
PDW Professional Draw Document
PDX Acrobat Catalog Index (Adobe)
PDX Mayura Draw
PDX PageMaker Printer Description (Adobe)
PDX Paradox Files
PDX ProCite Database Keys
PDZ GZipped Brookhaven Protein Databank File
PD_ Visc15 Images Setup File
PE Microsoft Symbol and Type Information
PE PatentEase File
PE Portable Executable File
PE3 PhotoImpact Image Archive (Ulead)
PE3 QuickViewer Image Archive
PE4 Photo Explorer Thumbnail
PE4 PhotoImpact Image Archive (Ulead)
PEA Peach Text File
PEB WordPerfect Program Editor Bottom Overflow File (Corel)
PEBPRJ PEBundle File
PEC Brother/Babylock/Bernina Home Embroidery Format
PED WordPerfect Program Editor Delete Save (Corel)
PEI Performer Software Encrypted Image (Performer Software)
PEM Audio Module
PEM WordPerfect Program Editor Macro (Corel)
PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail Security Certificate
PEN Paint Shop Pro Enamel Preset (Jasc)
PEO Homeworld MESH File (Sierra)
PEP TurboProject Project File
PEQ WordPerfect Program Editor Print Queue File (Corel)
PER WordPerfect Program Editor Resident Area (Corel)
PERL Perl Source File
PES Brother/Babylock/Bernina Home Embroidery Format
PES WordPerfect Program Editor Work Space File (Corel)
PET Custom CD Menu
PET Macintosh PICT Image
PET Magic Petz File
PET WordPerfect Program Editor Top Overflow File (Corel)
PEW IAR Embedded Workbench
PEX Proboard Executable Program
PF Aladdin Systems Private Files Encrypted File
PF Archive
PF ICC Profile
PF Monitor or Printer Profile File
PF Prefetch (also called Scenario) File
PF Progress Database Parameter File (Progress Software)
PF? SmartWare Project Source File
PFA Formdef or Pagedef Source Code
PFA PostScript Unhinted Type 3 Font
PFA Postscript Type 1 Font
PFB PostScript Type 1 Font (Adobe)
PFC AOL Preferences (AOL)
PFC First Choice Text File
PFC New Soft Presto! Page Manager File
PFC PF Component
PFC WordPerfect Perfect Fit Filter (Corel)
PFDB Password Fortress Secure Database File (Dunning Software)
PFDT Password Fortress Database Template (Dunning Software)
PFE Programmers File Editor
PFF Armored Fist 3 Archive
PFF Delta Force 2 Archive
PFF Delta Force Archive
PFF Delta Force: Land Warrior Archive
PFF Zoomify Image Stream (Zoomify, Inc.)
PFF Tachyon Archive
PFF Formatta Filler Portable Form Files (Formatta Corporation)
PFF Comanche 4
PFF F22 Lightning 3
PFG jEEPers Program File
PFK XTree Programmable Function Keys
PFL Freelance DOS Version 4.0 Portfolio Presentation (Lotus)
PFL Paint Shop Pro Fine Leather Preset (Jasc)
PFL SmartStation AppsView File
PFL Family Lawyer Data File (Broderbund)
PFL Quicken Lawyer Data File (Intuit)
PFM Printer Font Metrics (Adobe)
PFP The Panorama Factory Project
PFR PaintShop Pro Frame (Jasc)
PFR WebFont Wizard Portable Font Resource
PFS BIOCCELERATOR Homologous Sequence Names
PFS First Publisher ART File
PFS pfs:File Database / pfs:Write Text
PFT Chiwriter Printer Font
PFW Symantec Shared Liveadvisor File
PFX Amiga Pageflipper Plus F/X Animation (Amiga)
PFX Personal Information Exchange File
PFX Rapfile
PFX PFXplus Application Source Code (POWERflex Corporation)
PF_ Encore Compressed Audio File
PG 2D Graphic
PG IBM LinkWay Cut/Paste File
PG Printfox/Pagefox
PGA IBM Professional Graphics Adapter Image
PGA PowerGREP Action File (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
PGA Solitaire Aztec Peg Backup
PGB Rayman2 File
PGC Compressed Portfolio Graphic
PGC Egypt Solitaire Back
PGD Pretty Good Privacy Virtual Disk File (PGP Corporation)
PGE Solitaire Peg Back
PGF Portfolio Graphics
PGF Progressive Graphics File (xeraina GmbH)
PGF PowerGREP File Selection (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
PGI PGraph Library Printer Device Driver
PGL HP Plotter Language
PGM Chromeleon Batch Program
PGM Portable Graymap Graphic
PGM Signature Program
PGN Portable Game Notation
PGN Picatinny Arsenal Electronic Formstore Form in TIFF Format
PGP AutoCAD Program Parameter (Autodesk)
PGP Pretty Good Privacy
PGP Program Parameter
PGR PowerGREP Results File (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
PGR Pretty Good Privacy PGP Groups
PGS Man4DOS Manual Page
PGS PageStream Document (Grasshopper LCC)
PGT Sothink Glenda Widget Tools File
PGX Visual Basic Binary Property Page File
PGZ StreamLync Download Archive (PalmGear)
PG_ Improve Compressed Audio File
PH Help Compiler Phrase Table
PH Optimized Geoworks .GOH File
PH PERL Header
PH Profan Header File (
PH3 PHP Script
PH4 PHP Script
PHAPACK PhaPacker Format
PHB Arcsoft PhotoBase
PHB ClustaW Tree File
PHB NewLeaf PhraseBook
PHB PhoneB Phonebook File
PHB TreeView File
PHC Home Embroidery Format
PHD PC Help Desk File
PHD PolyHedra Database
PHE WinChess Game Record
PHL Database Configuration File
PHL Icon Collection File
PHL PHP Source File
PHM DN - Lync Phone Book
PHM Phorm
PHN Compuserve Signup File
PHN PhoneFree Internet Telephone
PHN Phormation
PHN UltraFax/QmodemPro Phone List
PHO Metz Phone Phone List
PHO Gerber Photoplot File
PHP PhotoParade Slideshow (Callisto Corporation)
PHP PHP Script
PHP Picture It! Publishing Project File
PHP Presentation
PHP Creatacard Quick Prints Project (Broderbund)
PHP3 PHP Script
PHP4 PHP Script
PHQ Handheld Quake Language File
PHR LocoScript Phrases (LocoScript Software)
PHR NoExcuse Phrase Checker
PHS PHScript File
PHT Partial Hypertext File
PHW PhotoWebber Session File (Media Lab)
PHX Phoenix
PHY Spicemod Asic File
PH_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
PI Blazing Paddles
PI Image Japan PI
PI Extension Associated with W32.Sobig.D@mm Worm
PI$ MS Compressed PIF
PI1 Degas & Degas Elite
PI2 Degas & Degas Elite
PI3 Degas & Degas Elite
PI4 Degas & Degas Elite
PI5 Degas & Degas Elite
PI6 Degas & Degas Elite
PIC Advanced Art Studio
PIC Animator PIC/CEL Bitmap (Autodesk)
PIC Bio-Rad Confocal
PIC Delcam Picture File
PIC Handy Scaner Cameron Image
PIC IBM Storyboard Bitmap
PIC Lotus Picture (Lotus)
PIC Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
PIC Micrografx Draw
PIC Movie BYU File
PIC MTV & Rayshade Image
PIC PC Paint Bitmap Graphic
PIC Pictor Picture
PIC Picture
PIC Pixar Picture
PIC Psion Series 3 Bitmap (Psion)
PIC QuickTime Picture (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PIC Radiance Scene Description Image
PIC Rayshade Graphic
PIC SDSC Image Tool Pixar Picture
PIC SoftImage 3D Image
PIC Softimage
PIC Stad File
PICIO Pixar Picture
PICON Personal Icon
PICS PICT Drawing Sequence
PICT Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
PICT1 Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT Image (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PICT2 Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
PICTOR PC Paint Image File
PID UNIX Process ID File
PIF GDF Format Vector Image
PIF Macintosh Compressed File Archive
PIF OS/2 Graphics Metafile
PIF Windows Program Information File (Microsoft)
PIG Descent File
PIG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File
PIG Ricoh IS30
PIM Personal Information Manager File
PIM PixMaker Project File
PIM Ultimate Draw Pascal Text Mode Image
PIN Atari ST Graphics Format
PIN Compton's 3D World Atlas
PIN Epic Pinball Data File
PIN Graphisoft ArchiCAD
PIN Links Games Player Information File
PIN Pushpin Set
PIP JPEG,JPG,JPE, JFIF,PJPEG Compressed Bitmap Picture
PIP Office Personalized Menu and Toolbar (Microsoft)
PIPL Photoshop 5.0 SDK Samplecode Colorpicker File (Adobe)
PIQT QuickTime Still (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PIT Macintosh Compressed Archive File
PIX Island Graphics
PIX LUMENA .PIX and .BPX File Formats
PIX PABX Background Bitmap
PIX PrintMaster Graphic File
PIX SDSC Alias/Wavefront RLE Image
PIX Truevision Targa Bitmap
PIX Vort
PIX Alias PIX Bitmap
PIX ESM Software Pix
PIX Inset Systems Bitmap or Vector Graphic
PIXAR Pixar Picture
PIXELPAINT PixelPaint Professional Ver. 1.0/2.0 Image File
PIZ Pizza Connection 2 Saved Game (Virgin Interactive
PI_ Compressed PIC or PIF File
PJ MKS Source Integrity File
PJ PaintJet PCL Bitmap (Hewlett-Packard)
PJ Project64 Game Progress File
PJ SuperProject Project File
PJL ProCite Term Lists and Journal Title Lists
PJS Purejapan Viewer
PJT AcuBench Project File
PJT Codewright Editor Project (Starbase)
PJT Foxpro Project Memo (Microsoft)
PJT Rational Rose/Visual C++ Project
PJX Foxpro Project (Microsoft)
PJX Foxpro Project index
PJXL PaintJet XL PCL Bitmap (Hewlett-Packard)
PK CoolEdit96 Graphical Waveform
PK LaTeX Compressed Font
PK TeX DVI Driver Packed Bitmap Font
PK Text
PK3 American McGee Alice Archive
PK3 Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 Archive
PK3 Quake III Engine PAK File (id Software)
PK3 Return to Castle Wolfenstein File
PK3 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
PKA Compressed Archive File
PKB Oracle Package Body
PKB QuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Keyboard Layout File
PKD Top Secret Crypto Gold File
PKD Turbo Pascal DOS Compressed Batch File (Borland)
PKD PowerKaraoke Project File (PAW)
PKF ARTiSAN Real-time Studio
PKF SecretAgent Key File
PKG AppleLink Package Compression Format
PKG Developer Studio Application Extension (Microsoft)
PKG MicroSim PCBoard External ASCII Package Definition File
PKG Newton File/Application (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PKG Next Installer Script
PKG P-CAD Database
PKG OneSpace Designer Package (CoCreate)
PKO PublicKey Security Object
PKP MS Development Common IDE Pakage Project File
PKPAK Archive
PKR Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Public Keyring (PGP Corporation)
PKR Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Archive
PKS Insight II NMR Peak Intensity/Integral
PKS Oracle Package Specification
PKT EtherPeek Collected Packets
PKT Fidonet Packet
PKT TeX Font
PKT TTC FireBerd 500 Capture File
PKZ Winoncd Images Mask File
PL Harvard Graphics Palette (Harvard Graphics)
PL Interleaf Printerleaf or WorldView Format
PL Linux Shell Executable Binary
PL PERL Program File
PL PROLOG Program File
PL TeX Property List Font Metric
PL1 3D Home Architect Room Plan
PL3 Harvard Graphics Chart Palette (Harvard Graphics)
PL4 Micrografx Designer Palette
PL4 Pathloss Network Data File
PLA APT Assistant
PLA Connectivity Memory Model Plasticity Function Additional Precision
PLA STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PLASMA Plasma Fractal Image
PLAYER Asle / ReDoX 6.1 Format
PLAYER The Player 4.0
PLB Foxpro Library (Microsoft)
PLB Insight II Pseudoatom Library
PLB LogoShow Screensaver
PLB MicroSim PCBoard Package Library File
PLB MSC.Fatigue v9.0 Improved Performance Patch
PLB PCAD Library Management Module File
PLB STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PLB The Print Shop Multimedia Organizer
PLC Lotus Add-in
PLC P-CAD Database
PLC PL/B Object File (Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc.)
PLD PhotoDeluxe PhotoLine Image Document
PLD PLD2 Source File
PLE Phone2PC Sound File (Konexx)
PLEX Visual Perl File
PLF InterVideo WinDVD Playlist File
PLG ButtonGadget
PLG Developer Studio Build Log (Microsoft)
PLG BPM Studio Play List Categories (ALCATech)
PLH Paint Shop Pro Light Preset (Jasc)
PLI Oracle 7 Data Description
PLIST Property List XML File
PLJ PlayJ Music Format
PLK ATI Radeon Video Driver
PLK Op9630 Am32 File
PLL Clipper Prelinked Library
PLM DisorderTracker2 Module
PLM Panasonic SD Voice Editor File
PLN ArchiCAD Project
PLN RealFlight Radio Control Airplane Description (Knife Edge Software)
PLN WordPerfect Spreadsheet File (Corel)
PLN Home Plan Pro Architecture Design (Home Plan Software)
PLN CTP Scene Definition File (Crater Software)
PLO STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PLOT UNIX Plot(5) Format
PLP PicaLoader Project File (VOWSoft, Ltd.)
PLR Descent Pilot File
PLR Player File
PLS DisorderTracker2 Sample
PLS MattBatt iAM-player
PLS MYOB Data File
PLS Napster MPEG PLayList File
PLS Real MP3 Playlist
PLS Shoutcast File
PLS WinAmp MPEG PlayList File
PLS Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
PLT AutoCAD Plot drawing (Autodesk)
PLT Clipper Ver. 5 Pre-linked Transfer File
PLT Clipper 5 Pre-linked Transfer File
PLT Gerber Sign-making Software File
PLT HP Graphics Language
PLT Infinity Game Engine Bitmap Graphic
PLT Lotus Organiser Paper Layout Definition
PLT MicroStation CAD Driver Configuration for Plotting (Bentley)
PLT Page Magic Ver. 2.0 Paper Format
PLT Palette
PLT Software Platform File
PLT Windows Update
PLT X-wing vs. Tie Fighter Pilot File
PLT dnaLIMS 3700 Sample Sheet (dnaTools)
PLUGIN Amaya Plug-in Library File
PLW PicoLog Data File
PLX Executable Perl Script
PLX Neurological Data for Statistical Analysis
PLX PERL Programming Language Script
PLY 3D Graphic
PLY Blaze Media Pro File
PLY Harvard Graphics Spotlight Presentation Screen (Harvard
PLY Polygon (Autodesk)
PLY Polygon mesh format ZipPack by Silicon Graphics
PLY PopMail Data
PLY AIRO (Odetics Broadcast)
PLY MiDi PoWeR Playlist File (ACCORG)
PLZ Lotus Freelance Presentation
PM Perl Module
PM Power Music Format
PM Presentation Manager Graphic
PM Rebel Assault File
PM X Window PixelMap Bitmap
PM PageMaker Document (Adobe)
PM3 PageMaker Version 3 Document (Adobe)
PM4 PageMaker Version 4 Document (Adobe)
PM5 PageMaker Version 5 Document (Adobe)
PM6 PageMaker Version 6 Document (Adobe)
PMA MSX Computers Archive Format
PMA Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
PMAP Pocket Mindmap Format File (JKRB Software)
PMB Bitmap Image
PMC A4Tech Scanner Graphic
PMC Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
PMD PageMaker (Adobe)
PMD PlanMaker Spreadsheet
PMD Polyphonic Ringtone File for Phones
PME Pixela Digital Picture
PME Plazmic Media Engine File
PMF ArcReader GIS Mapping
PMG PageMaker Group File (Adobe)
PMG Paint Magic
PMI OS/2 Program Manager Information
PMI Pegasus Mail Message Folder Index File
PML NT4 Performance Monitor Log File
PML PADGen Program Information
PML PageMaker Library (Adobe)
PML Pegasus Mail Distribution List
PML Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
PMM Amaris BTX/2 Program
PMM Pegasus Mail Message Folder
PMO Print Master Gold Text
PMP AutoCAD R2000 Plotter Model Parameters (Autodesk)
PMP Pegasus Mail Notepad File
PMP Photomorph Project
PMP PowerMedia Color Palette
PMP Project Manager Pro Schedule
PMP Soldat Map Maker/Soldat Polymap File
PMP Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shot
PMP ThumbsPlus Graphic
PMP VideoCraft GIF Animator Project
PMR PhotoModeler Project (Eos Systems)
PMR Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
PMS Pop'n Music Script
PMT Technics Keyboard Panel Memory File
PMT PageMaker Template (Adobe)
PMW Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
PMX Pegasus Mail File
PM_ Musicato MUSICAT.ZIT Compressed File
PN2 International Systems Consultancy ParsNegar II Word Processor
PN3 Harvard Graphics Printer Driver (Harvard Graphics)
PNC IBM Voice Type Language Scripts Data File
PND DATAIR Pension System Pending File
PNF Portable Network Graphics Frame Bitmap
PNF Precompiled Setup Information
PNF Windows Precompiled Setup Information
PNG Fireworks Image File (Macromedia)
PNG PaintShop Pro Browser Catalog (Jasc)
PNG Portable (Public) Network Graphic
PNL Panel File
PNL PEERNET Label Designer File
PNM PBM Portable Any Map Graphic Bitmap
PNQ ICQ Instant Message File (ICQ Inc.)
PNR PEERNET Label Designer File
PNS PEERNET Label Designer File
PNT ARC Format Vector Point Data
PNT FTN Software Pointlist Segment
PNT MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
PNT MacPaint Graphic File
PNT MarkMail Qwk Reader Pointers
PNT PaperPort Thumbsview (ScanSoft Inc.)
PNT Pro/ENGINEER Pen Table Plot (PTC)
PNT World Data Bank II Country Data File
PNTG MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
PNU PEERNET Label Designer File
PNV CRiSP Harvest File
PO2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PO3 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
PO5 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
POA Fifa World Cup Game Data fe Art Legalscr File
POB Punch CAD Program 3D Object (Punch! Software)
POC PocoMail Script (Poco Systems, Inc.)
POD Terminal Velocity Archive
POD Text
POD Punch CAD Program (Punch! Software)
POD Bloodrayne
POF Tajima DG/ML Embroidery Design File (Pulse Microsystems Ltd.)
POG Descent2 File
POH Optimized Geoworks .GOH File
POK ZX Spectrum-Emulator
POL AscToHTM Policy File
POL InnovMetric Software 3D Polygon Models Format
POL Music File
POL Policy Windows 95 Network Setup
POL Windows Policy File
POLICY Java Policy File
POO 8-bit Commodore 64 Machine Code
POO INITeX String Pool
POOL TeX Messages File
POP dBASE Popup Menu
POP PopMail Message Index
POR Corel Painter Portfolio File
POR SPSS Portable Data File (SPSS Inc.)
POS Paint Shop Pro Polished Stone Preset (Jasc)
POS POSTER Save File (Poster Software)
POS ProCite Output Styles
POT Animation
POT Fractint Continuous Potential Image
POT PowerPoint Template (Microsoft)
POTHTML Powerpoint HTML Template (Microsoft)
POV Persistence of Vision Ray-tracer
POW PowerChords Chord Chart
POWER Goo Picture Library
PP Compressed Amiga Archive File
PP$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk6 File
PP2 Curious Labs Poser Prop File
PP3 PlanetPress Suite 3 Form File (Objectif Lune)
PP3NSCALE PlanetPress File
PP4 Picture Publisher
PP5 Picture Publisher
PPA PowerPoint Add-in (Microsoft)
PPB WordPerfect Print Preview Button Bar (Corel)
PPC Roxio Easy CD Creator File
PPC Uefa Champions League
PPD PageMaker PostScript Printer Description (Adobe)
PPD PostScript Printer Description
PPF Jasc Paint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File (Jasc)
PPF MENSI PointScape 3D Laser Scanner Project File
PPF Micrografx Picture Publisher File
PPF PlayStation Patch File
PPF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program File
PPG PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft)
PPG Professor Franklin's Photo Print Gold
PPI PowerPoint Graphics File (Microsoft)
PPJ Premiere Video Editing File (Adobe)
PPK PPK Archive
PPK PuTTY Win32 Telnet/SSH Client
PPL Harvard Graphics Polaroid Palette Plus ColorKey Driver (Harvard
PPM Insight II Proton Chemical Shifts
PPM PBM Portable Pixelmap Graphic
PPMA Portable Bitmap
PPO Clipper Preprocessor Output
PPP Enfocus Preflight Profile
PPP Parson Power Publisher
PPP Point to Point Protocol
PPP Punk Productions Picture
PPP PagePlus Publication (Serif)
PPR Cognos PowerPlay OLAP Multidimensional Cube
PPRINT Pics Print File
PPS ArcView Processing Set Codes (ESRI)
PPS Personal Producer Storyboard
PPS PowerPoint Slideshow (Microsoft)
PPT BIFF File (Microsoft)
PPT PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft)
PPTHTML Powerpoint HTML Document (Microsoft)
PPV Pocket PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft)
PPV Punch CAD Program Thumbnail (Punch! Software)
PPV Pogle Platinum Software Version Archive (Pandora International)
PPW Micrografx Picture Publisher Wizard
PPX Cognos PowerPlay OLAP Reporting
PPX Serif PagePlus Publication
PPZ PowerPoint Packaged Presentation (Microsoft)
PQ PageMaker Default Printer Style (Adobe)
PQA Palm Query Application File
PQB PowerQuest Batch File
PQF Corel Presentations File
PQG Rescue ME/OS2/DOS File
PQI PowerQuest Drive Imaging Software
PQI PhreeqcI
PQO PhreeqcI
PQW Corel Presentations 9 Runtime
PQX Power Quest Drive Image Index
PR EROSION 3D Precipitation Parameters
PR Sun Icon/Cursor
PR0 Payroll (CheckMark Software)
PR1 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Purged Message File
PR1 Packrat Ver 4.0 Data File
PR1 Payroll (CheckMark Software)
PR2 dBASE IV Printer Driver
PR2 Packrat 4.x data file
PR2 Payroll (CheckMark Software)
PR2 Persuasion Presentation
PR2 Proteus Session
PR3 dBASE IV PostScript Printer Driver
PR3 Payroll (CheckMark Software)
PR3 Persuasion Presentation (Adobe)
PR3 PFXplus Resource File (POWERflex Corporation)
PR4 Harvard Graphics Presentation (Harvard Graphics)
PRC Corel Presentation
PRC Palmpilot Resource File
PRC Picture Gear Pocket
PRC filePro Data Table (fp Technologies)
PRC Rational Rose Processes
PRC Profan Compiled P-Code (
PRD Lode Runner Game
PRD Printer Driver
PRE Freelance Presentation
PRE Insight II Dynamics Scratch File
PRE NeroWave Editor Presets
PRE Programmer's WorkBench Settings
PRE Stork Format CMYK Bitmap
PREFS Preferences File
PRF CheckIt Pro 1.0 Data
PRF ClarisWorks Preferences File
PRF dBASE IV Printer Driver
PRF Director Settings (Macromedia)
PRF Fastgraph Pixel Run Format Graphics
PRF McAfee Viruscan Profile
PRF Monarch Portable Report File
PRF PICS Rules File
PRF Plot Reference File
PRF Polychrome Recursive Format
PRF Preferences File
PRF Profiler Output
PRF Rapfile
PRF Windows System File
PRF Profan (
PRF MicroImages Print Driver File (MicroImages, Inc.)
PRG Atari ST Program
PRG GEM Executable Program
PRG OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Purged Message File
PRG Program File
PRG SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
PRG SpecEm Snapshot
PRG WAVmaker Program
PRH Cold Fusion Studio 3.1 Project
PRH HomeSite 3.0 Project
PRI LocoScript Printer Definitions (LocoScript Software)
PRI Prisms
PRIVY PrivyPad (SlavaSoft Inc.)
PRJ 3D Studio (Autodesk)
PRJ ArcView Projections Definition File (ESRI)
PRJ AwpHelp Project
PRJ HitPlayer Advanced Playlist File
PRJ Monarch File
PRJ MultiEdit Editor Project (MultiEdit Software)
PRJ MyCad IC Layout Architecture
PRJ Project File
PRJ Visual Basic Project (Microsoft)
PRJ Visual CafÚ Project (Symantec)
PRK Campground Master/Resort Master Database (Cottonwood Software)
PRK Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Saved Park
PRKLOG Campground Master/Resort Master Log File (Cottonwood Software)
PRL Paint Shop Pro Rough Leather Preset (Jasc)
PRL Perl Script
PRL Process Revolution Object Library File
PRM BullsEye Style File
PRM Parameter File
PRM Prolog Module
PRM MicroImages Parameters File for Radar Slant to Ground Conversion
PRN Calcomp Raster Bitmap
PRN DataCAD Windows Printer File
PRN HP Printer Control Language
PRN PostScript File
PRN Printer Text File
PRN Signature Printer Driver
PRN XYWrite Printer Driver
PRO Chord Pro Song Format (Mussoft)
PRO Configuration File (Profile)
PRO Creamware Pulsar Audio File
PRO DOS Graphics Profile File
PRO Euphoria, Terramodel Profile
PRO Guitar Chord File
PRO Infinity Game Engine Projectile Type Description
PRO Lorenz Graf HTML Tool Project
PRO Pagis Pro Ver. 3.0 Graphic
PRO Pro/ENGINEER Configuration (PTC)
PRO PROLOG Program File
PRO Punch Pro Home Design File
PRO PV-WAVE Procedure File
PRO Sid Meier's SimGolf
PRO Terramodel Project File
PRO Fast-Talk Pronunciation File (Fast-Talk Communications, Inc.)
PRO Atari Disk Image (Atari)
PRODUCT Norton Ghost File
PROFILE FastTrack Client Profile
PROFILE UNIX Bourne or Kom Shell Environment File
PROFILES Amaya Configuration
PROJ Insight II NMR Project
PROJ NeXT Interface Builder Project File
PROJECT Project Builder for WebObjects Project (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PROMIZER Promizer v0.1/v1.0c/v1.8a/v2.0/v4.0 Formats
PROP Application Visualization System AVS High-end Visualization
PROPACKER ProPacker v1.0/v2.1/v3.0 Formats [Asle / ReDoX]
PROPERTIES Java Properties File
PROPERTIES Netscape Communicator Java Classes File
PRORUNNER ProRunner v1/v2 Formats [Asle / ReDoX]
PROTO Windows Amaya File
PRP InstantDB Database File
PRP Movie
PRP Oberon Prospero Data Conversion Saved Project
PRP Palace Prop File
PRP Rational Rose Model Properties
PRP Compressed GIMP Image with Properties of GIMP Properties File
PRR Perfect Resume Data
PRS dBASE Procedure
PRS Harvard Graphics (Harvard Graphics)
PRS LodeRunner Game
PRS Lotus Freelance Presentation for OS/2
PRS Norton Viewer DLL
PRS Printer Resource File
PRS WordPerfect Printer Resource Font File (Corel)
PRT Dr.Halo Printer Driver
PRT InterComm Pin Use Definition
PRT IRMA Workstation for Windows Printer Configuration
PRT P-CAD component
PRT Printer Configuration
PRT Printer-formatted File
PRT Process Revolution Template File
PRT SCEdit Part File
PRT Schedule+ Print (Microsoft)
PRT Unigraphics Part File
PRT W32/Parrot-A Worm-related
PRV Backup
PRV ClarisWorks File
PRV Previous Version
PRV psiMail ISP Template
PRV PsiMail Internet Provider Template
PRV SecretAgent Private Key File
PRVKR Pretty Good Privacy Private Keyring
PRX Atari ST Executable
PRX Foxpro Compiler Program (Microsoft)
PRX Process Revolution Diagram File
PRX Media Player Ver. 9 XML/Media File (Microsoft)
PRZ Freelance Graphics 97 File
PR_ Compressed Project File
PS Works File (Microsoft)
PS PostScript
PS0 PS/2 File
PS1 PostScript File
PS16 Protracker Studio 16 Format
PS2 Level II PostScript File (Adobe)
PS3 Level III PostScript File (Adobe)
PS5 ProSteel 5 Data File (Survey Design Associates Ltd.)
PSA Pretty Simple Archive
PSA Intactix pro/space Plus Planogram (Floorplan) (JDA Software
PSB Paint Shop Pro Sunburst Preset (Jasc)
PSB Pinnacle Sound Bank
PSB Project Scheduler Configuration File
PSC Paint Shop Pro Sculpture Preset (Jasc)
PSD Apple Viewer (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PSD DESIGN II for Windows General Flowsheet
PSD Periscope Debugger Definition File
PSD Photoshop Format (Adobe)
PSE IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
PSEG IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
PSEG3820 IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
PSEG38PP IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
PSF Chiwriter PostScript Printer Font
PSF Insight II X-PLOR Molecular Structure File
PSF MicroStation Plot Specification
PSF PhotoStudio Graphic
PSF PostScript Support File
PSF PowerSoft Report File
PSF Playstation Sound Format
PSH Punch Home Design Series CAD Data File
PSI PSION A-law Audio
PSID PostScript Image Data
PSID Word Sidtune File Format
PSION Psion A-law Audio
PSL MicroSim PCBoard Padstack Library File
PSL Sierra Mastercook Layout File
PSL Accellera Property Specification Language Source Code File
PSM Epic Games Sound Data
PSM PrintShop Mail Data File (Atlas Software BV)
PSM Protracker Studio Module Format
PSM SolidEdge CAD File
PSM Turbo Pascal Symbol Table (Borland)
PSM5 PrintShop Mail Data File (Atlas Software BV)
PSMODEL Delcam Powershape
PSN Post-it Software Notes
PSN Sound Script Presentation
PSP PaintShop Pro Image (Jasc)
PSP Prodea Synergy Procedure
PSP Project Scheduler Planning File
PSP Scenicsoft Preps
PSP PL/SQL Server Page (Oracle)
PSPD PhotoSuite Ver. 5 File (Roxio)
PSQ Postscript Grafic
PSR PowerSoft Report
PSR Project Scheduler Resource File
PSS Axialis Screen Saver Producer
PSS Paint Shop Pro Sandstone Preset (Jasc)
PSS Sony Playstation Game File
PSS Type Manager PostScript Stub (Adobe)
PSSD PhotoSuite Ver. 5 Slideshow (Roxio)
PST BMail Postbox File
PST Lahey Fortran Paste Buffer
PST Mastercam Post Processor File
PST MS Exchange Address Book File
PST Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft)
PST Ulead Pattern
PST LightWave 3D Preset (NewTek)
PSW Paint Shop Pro Straw Wall Preset (Jasc)
PSW Print Shop Deluxe Ver. 6 File (Broderbund)
PSW WinXP Backup Password File
PSW Pocket Word Document (Microsoft)
PSX Dirty Little Helper Chat File
PSX X-Plorer/X-Ploder, Cheat Machine, etc. Single Game Save
PSY PLD2 System File
PSY Psychedelic Windows Products
PSZ Creaf Awedip Doc File
PT Kodak Precision Color Management System
PT Kodak Precision Transform
PT PassMark PerformanceTest File
PT Pitch Track Sound
PT Player Tools Game Crack
PT Pop!site HTML
PT3 Harvard Graphics Device Driver (Harvard Graphics)
PT3 PageMaker Version 3 Document Template (Adobe)
PT4 PageMaker Version 4 Document Template (Adobe)
PT5 PageMaker Version 5 Document Template (Adobe)
PT6 PageMaker Version 6 Document Template (Adobe)
PTB Power Tab Guitar Tablature Editor
PTB PubTach Batch Works Script
PTB Peachtree Complete Accounting Backup Data File (Best Software SB,
PTC ABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro
PTC NRG Symphonie Patch File
PTC PFXplus Compiled Program (POWERflex Corporation)
PTD Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
PTDB Peachtree Accounting Database
PTE Picture to EXE Project
PTE Pop!site
PTF LiveNote Legal Transcript File (LiveNote Technologies)
PTH 4D Database Windows Pathname Document
PTH Path
PTI IBM Configurator Configuration
PTI Pop!site
PTI PTI-Plug-in Graphic
PTI Punch! Professional Home Design Texture Info File (Punch!
PTIF Pyramid Encoded TIFF
PTK Quicken On-line Data File (Intuit)
PTK Red Alert 2 File
PTL Corel Painter Pattern, Selection or Texture File
PTL Paint Shop Pro Tile Preset (Jasc)
PTL Painter4 File
PTL Python Template Language File
PTL Rational Rose
PTL Site Builder Path Translation List
PTL Visual Modeler Petal File (Microsoft)
PTM MapPoint Map (Microsoft)
PTM Module audio Poly Tracker
PTM Page Magic Ver. 2.0 Template
PTM PolyTracker Music Module
PTM PubTech BatchWorks Macro
PTN Amaya Dicopar File
PTN PaperPort Thumbnail Images (ScanSoft)
PTP ACT! Modem Sync File (Best Software CRM Division)
PTP C Poet Examples Advanced File
PTR OS/2 Cursor Image
PTR QMail Qwk Reader Pointer
PTS ABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro
PTS Halflife Map Creation Debug File
PTS Infinity Engine Game Tileset
PTT Context4 DOS Word Processor Print File
PTT MapPoint Template (Microsoft)
PTU Performer Terrain Utilities
PTX E-Transcript of Court Proceedings
PTX Paint Shop Pro Texture Preset (Jasc)
PTX Pop!site
PTX Printronix Bitmap
PTX Rayman2 File
PTX Punch! Professional Home Design Texture File (Punch! Software)
PTY Rational Rose 98 Properties
PUB Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Public Key Ring (PGP Corporation)
PUB Print Perfect Gold Template
PUB Publisher Document (Microsoft)
PUB The Sims (Maxis) Family Data
PUB Ventura Publisher
PUBHTML Publisher HTML Document (Microsoft)
PUBKR Pretty Good Privacy Public Keyring
PUBMHTML Publisher Archived HTML Document (Microsoft)
PUD Warcraft III PUD Map (Blizzard Entertainment)
PUF Puffer Encrypted File
PUI Publish-iT Save File (Poster Software)
PUL Dinfo File
PUT Instalit Script
PUT PUT Compressed File Archive
PUT Wscan Graphic
PUZ Across Lite Crossword Puzzle
PUZ BrainsBreaker Puzzle
PUZ General Name for a Puzzle File
PUZ Packed Publisher File (Microsoft)
PUZ Puzzle
PUZZ X11 Puzzle Bitmap
PUZZLE X11 Puzzle Bitmap
PV Phase Vocorder Analysis Data
PVA Hauppauge DVB-Software
PVB VirtualBoss PocketPC Data (VirtualBoss Development Co.)
PVD Install-It Script
PVD Packet Analyzer Data File (Klos Technologies)
PVG Encarta World Atlas Pushpins (Microsoft)
PVK MS Development Common IDE Resources File
PVL Instalit Library
PVS Scarlett Expert System Compiler Reserved Words File
PVT Local Fidonet Pointlist
PVU PaleoVu Paleoenvironmental Data
PVW Portfolio Saved View (Extensis, Inc.)
PW Professional Write Text File
PWA Password Agent File
PWC COSMI Street Maps and Vacation Planner
PWD AutoCAD Password (Autodesk)
PWD Password Pro File
PWD Pocket Word Document (Microsoft)
PWF ProCite Workforms
PWF POD-Bot Waypoint File
PWI InkWriter/Note Taker Document (Microsoft)
PWK Password Keeper File
PWL Windows Password List (Microsoft)
PWM Pegasus Mail File
PWP Photoworks Image File
PWP Professional WritePlus Document
PWP Seattle Film Works Multi-image File
PWRK Apple IIGS Image (Apple Computer, Inc.)
PWT AutoCAD Publish-to-Web Template (Autodesk)
PWT HotDog PageWiz Template
PWT Pocket Word Template File (Microsoft)
PWZ PowerPoint Wizard (Microsoft)
PX Paradox Primary Database Index (Corel)
PX Primary Index
PX1 Image Pixel Paint
PXA Pegs
PXA Pixia Color Painter File
PXB Pixibox
PXD eJay Mixer File
PXE Partial XML Envelope
PXF Tajima DG/ML Embroidery Design File (Pulse Microsystems Ltd.)
PXI $$D2K.PXI associated with a Trojan
PXI Pixie File
PXI PlexTools CD Image (Plextor)
PXJ Pixtran File
PXJ RecordNow MAX (Stomp)
PXL Pixclscript Script
PXL Pixel Data of TeX Driver
PXL Pocket Excel Worksheet (Microsoft)
PXM Pixel Magician Graphic
PXN PictureWorks PhotoEnhancer Graphic Image
PXN Pixtran File
PXN Twain32 File
PXP 3D Studio Process File (Autodesk)
PXR Pixar Picture
PXS Pegs
PXT Nte2000 File
PXT Pocket Excel Template (Microsoft)
PXW Pixtran
PXW Tamarack ArtiScan Driver
PXW Twain32 File
PY Oracle Batch Procedure
PY Python Script
PY Yahoo Saved Messages
PYC Python Compiler Script
PYD Python Dynamic Module
PYO Python Optimized Code
PYW Python Script
PZ PNG Compressed File
PZ2 Curious Labs Poser Pose File
PZ3 Curious Labs Poser Document
PZA MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Album File
PZC GraphPad Prism Script
PZD Pizazz Plus Defaults
PZF GraphPad Prism Project
PZI Pizazz Plus Graphics File
PZL Jigs@w Puzzle
PZL Lode Runner Game Puzzle
PZL Puzzle
PZL UNIX Puzzle Bitmap
PZM GraphPad Prism
PZO Pizazz Plus Overlay
PZP MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Project File
PZP Pizazz Plus Palette
PZS MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Slide Show File
PZS Pizazz Plus Settings
PZT GraphPad Prism Template
PZT Pizazz Plus Transfer File
PZX Pizazz Plus Swap File
PZZ Curious Labs Compressed Poser File
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