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Endungen mit Anfangsbuchstaben R
Dateiendung Beschreibung
R Macintosh Resource Similar to RC
R Paradox File
R Pegasus Mail Resource File
R Progress Database Compiled Program File (Progress Software)
R Ratfor FORTRAN Preprocessor File
R Rebol Script
R00 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R01 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R02 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R03 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R04 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R05 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R06 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R07 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R08 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R09 WinRAR Split Compressed Archive (RarLab)
R1A Yamaha RM1x Dance-Music Workstation
R1W Reflection Setting File (WRQ)
R2A Yamaha RS7000 Music Production Studio Sequencer
R2D Reflex Ver. 2 Data File (Borland)
R2D RISA-2D Simple Analysis & Design
R2K Repertoire 2000 Music Database
R2P Yamaha RS7000 Music Production Studio Sequencer
R2W Reflection Setting File (WRQ)
R33 Train Simulator Game File
R3A Yamaha RS7000 Music Production Studio Sequencer
R3D RISA-3D 3D Analysis & Design
R3P Yamaha RS7000 Music Production Studio Sequencer
R4W Reflection Setting File (WRQ)
R64 Top Secret Crypto Gold File
R8 Flight Simulator Texture File
R8 PictureMaker Red Channel Image Data (Cubicomp)
R8 RAW Graphic File
R81 Flight Simulator Texture File (Microsoft)
R82 Flight Simulator Texture File (Microsoft)
R8L LaserJet Landscape Font
R8P Intellifont PCL 4 Bitmap Font File
R8P LaserJet Portrait Font
RA RealMedia File
RA Remote Access Data File
RA3 RA3DIO Terrain Information (xeraina GmbH)
RA6 ReliaSoft ALTA 6
RAC Conversation with Racter
RAC Win2020 Screen Subtitle (Screen Subtitling Systems)
RAD Radiance Scene Description Format
RAD Reality AdLib Tracker 2-op FM Music
RAF Illum Source RK File
RAF Fuji CCD-RAW Graphic File (Fuji)
RAI SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
RAM RealMedia Metafile
RAN Dexterpen File
RAP Magix Musstu Rap File
RAP RapAnalyst Knowledge Filter file (Raptor International)
RAP Rapidocs Document
RAP Redox DAS Plug-in (REDOX d.o.o.)
RAQ Colbalt Server Backup
RAR Java JCA Resource Adapter Module
RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive (RarLab)
RAS Cals Raster File
RAS Max Payne Data File
RAS Sky Subtracted Data
RAS Sun Raster Graphic (Sun)
RASMOL RasMol File
RASMOLRC RasMol Configuration File
RAST Sun Raster Graphic
RAT Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
RAT Rating System File
RAT Recreational Software Advisory Council
RAV Fifa 2001 Environment Data
RAW Image Alchemy HSI Temporary Raw Bitmap
RAW Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
RAW Raw Data for CD-ROM Writing
RAW RAW RGB 24-bit Graphic
RAW Raw Signed PCM Data
RAW RealAudio Sound
RAW Sentry 2020 Encryption File
RAW Spectrum Raw Memory Dump
RAW V41/eV41 Program Files
RAW VitaGraph File
RAW Nicolet Summit/DaStar Data File (Nicolet Instrument
RAX Image File
RAY Rayshade
RB RocketEdition File
RB Ruby Interpreter Program
RB0 Anti-Virus Backup
RB1 Anti-Virus Backup
RB1 R:Base Data
RB2 Anti-Virus Backup
RB2 R:Base Data
RB3 Anti-Virus Backup
RB3 R:Base Data
RB4 Anti-Virus Backup
RB4 R:Base Data
RB5 Anti-Virus Backup
RB6 Anti-Virus Backup
RB7 Anti-Virus Backup
RB8 Anti-Virus Backup
RB9 Anti-Virus Backup
RBB Top Secret Crypto Gold File
RBF Oracle Backup File
RBF R:Base Data
RBF Rollback File (Microsoft)
RBH RoboHelp Configuration
RBI Adressmn
RBI eBahn Reader (Bentley Publishers)
RBJ XRK - eXtra Redcode Kit RedCode Warrior (Marco Pontello)
RBM ReBirth Modulation v2.0 (Propellerhead Software)
RBM Rail Baron Player Map
RBN Real Sound File
RBN Richard's Bridge Notation
RBO Sometimes associated with the Magistr.B Worm
RBPM Portable Bitmap
RBS ReBirth Song (Propellerhead Software)
RBS RealiMation 3D Object
RBS Rollback Script (Microsoft)
RBS Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy Analysis Package
RBX XStream Multimedia Simulation Format
RBZ Rail Baron Player Saved Game
RC C++ Resource Compiler Script File (Borland)
RC Emacs Configuration
RC Resource Script
RC Visual C++ Resource Script (Microsoft)
RC2 Developer Studio Non-editable Resources (Microsoft)
RC2 ReCycle v.2 Audio Loop
RC3 Vc98 Resources File
RCD Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 Drivers File
RCD PC Anywhere Recorded Session File
RCE NTgraph GUI Control 3D File
RCF Colin Mc Rae Car Race Configuration
RCG Netscape Newsgroup File
RCH SWAT Reach Output File
RCI SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
RCM Logos Library System 2.x Verse Map
RCM Polarmap Calculator Configuration
RCM Technics Keyboard Rhythm Custom File
RCP Recomposer's MIDI Sequencer Music File
RCS Colin McRae Rally Save Game File
RCT Developer Studio Resource Template (Microsoft)
RCV Resource Compiler; Resource Script
RCX Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System
RCY ReCycled Audio Loop
RC_ Winhelp Compressed File
RD Philips Raw Data
RD1 DATAIR Retirement Document System Data File
RD1 Descent1 Registered Level File
RD2 DATAIR Retirement Document System Custom Text File
RD3 CorelDream 3D
RD3 Ray Dream Designer Graphics
RD4 Ray Dream Designer Graphics
RD5 Ray Dream Designer Graphics
RDA Oracle Storage Area File
RDB Gear CD Suite File
RDB Netscape Communicator Aim File
RDB Oracle Database Root File
RDB TrueVector Rules Database
RDB Wavelet Image Recording
RDB ZoneAlarm Rules Database (Zone Labs)
RDB Value Navigator Database (Energy Navigator)
RDC IBM Voice Type Language Scripts Data File
RDD ReliaSoft ALTA 6 & Weibull++ 6
RDEF Geoworks UI Resource File
RDF Burli Newsroom System File
RDF Chromeleon Report Definition
RDF Geoworks UI Compiler Source Code
RDF Oracle Report Binary Source
RDF ProWORX Nxt Cross-reference Data (Schneider Electric)
RDF Rate Description File
RDF Resource Description Framework File
RDF Workshare Synergy Collaboration Response File
RDF Mozilla (Netscape) Settings File (
RDI Device-Independent Bitmap
RDI SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
RDJ JCanyon: Grand Canyon for Java DEM File in JPEG Format
RDL Descent Registered Level
RDL Paradox
RDL RadioDestiny Radio Stream
RDL Symbian Recogniser Library
RDO Oracle Redo Log File
RDO Xerox Document Assembler Metafile
RDP Remote Desktop Connection (Microsoft)
RDS ERMIS Radio Data System
RDS Ray Dream Studio File
RDT RDT Tracking File
RDV NTgraph Borland C 32 File
RDX Reflex Data File (Borland)
RDZ Mandrake Linux Install File
RDZ RemoteDocs File
REA Doc Free Geocom File
README Documentation File
REALDOWNLOAD RealDownload Paused Download (
REC ARCSERVE Archivation Protocol
REC EpiInfo Data
REC RapidComm Voice File
REC Sprint Record File
REC Windows Recorder Macro
REC ProMash Recipe (Sausalito Brewing Co.)
RED Calrion Modula-2 Path Data
RED Rational Rose Module Diagram
RED View Redline (Autodesk)
RED XRK - eXtra Redcode Kit Disassembled RedCode Warrior (Marco
RED Red Faction Level File (THQ Inc.)
REF Cross Reference
REF Reference
REF Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
REF ReferBib Document
REF Ad-aware Signature File (Lavasoft)
REFER ReferBib Document
REG Registration Data
REG Registration Information/Key for W95/98
REG Registry Data File
REG Mozilla (Netscape) XPCOM Registry (
REGET ReGet Deluxe Downloader
REL ACT! Alarm Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
REL Knowledge Explorer Knowledge Representation Relation
REL Nokia Phone Audio File (Nokia)
REL Retrieve 4GL Dataset File (Sage Enterprice Solutions)
REM Annotation
REM ACT! Database Maintenance File (Best Software CRM Division)
REN Possibly a Renamed File
REN Renai Tsumyu Resshon Tsukuru 2 (Love Lesson Maker 2) (Enterpbrain)
REP Blizzard Entertainment Replay File (Blizzard Entertainment)
REP QWK Reader Reply
REP Report File
REP Text Document
REP ACT! Report Template (Best Software CRM Division)
REP Complete Works Report (Toplevel Computing)
REQ Request
RES C and C++ Compiled Resource (Microsoft)
RES C++ Compiled Resource (Borland)
RES Championship Bass Archive
RES Evil Islands Archive
RES Half Life Game Map
RES Infinity Game Engine Character Biography
RES Resource File
RES XBoard Resign Conferences File
RESID NML Language Compilation Residual File (NevoSoft)
RESX NET XML Resource Template (Microsoft)
RET Basic Realizer Careal Caret Samples
REV FrameMaker Document (Adobe)
REV Geoworks Revision File
REV WinRAR Recovery Volume File
REV Workshare Synergy File
REVALVER ReValver Preset
REX 4D Database Windows Client Local File
REX ACT! (Best Software CRM Division)
REX Oracle Report Definition
REX PharLab Executable File
REX ReCycled Audio Loop Export File
REX REXX Program File
REXX Rexx Language Source Code
REZ Aliens and Predator 2 Game
REZ Blood 2 Archive
REZ No One Lives for Ever Archive
REZ Resource File
REZ Resume Divider (Luna)
REZ Sanity: Aiken's Artifact Archive
REZ Shogo Archive
REZ Alien vs Predator 2
REZ Purge
RF FrameMaker Document (Adobe)
RF RealFlash Clip
RF Sun Raster Graphic
RF? SmartWare Compiled Project File
RFA Battlefield 1942 Unit/Object Texture Archive (Electronic Arts)
RFA Battlefield 1942 (DEMO)
RFB RoboForm
RFD Emperor: Battle for Dune Archive
RFD Recogniform Desktop Reader Form Definition (Recogniform Technologies
RFF Maggi Graphic File
RFG RFG Integrator System Database
RFH Maxagrid CTM Refresh File
RFH RFG Integrator Householding Database
RFI SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
RFL Guardian Database Roll-forward File
RFL Reason Sound Bank (Propellerhead Software)
RFL RISAFloor Analysis & Design
RFM Rich Music Format
RFP AI RoboForm Passcard Database
RFR Photoshop Frame Filter File (Adobe)
RFT AI RoboForm Form Database
RFT IBM DisplayWrite Revisable Format Text
RFT Revit Template (Autodesk, Inc.)
RFX Modula M2SDS File
RFX TouchStar License File
RG Bitmap Graphic
RGB Q0 Graphic
RGB Ribbons SGI Image
RGB Silicon Graphics RGB Bitmap (Silicon Graphics, Inc.)
RGB VideoCraft GIF
RGB Intermediate Format Graphic
RGBA Silicon Graphics RGB
RGE Inno Setup Registry Entries File
RGE R.A.G.E. Driver
RGF Advanced Registry Tracer Scan Data (ElcomSoft Co.Ltd.)
RGH ZZ Rough Image
RGI RealArcade Game Installer
RGL Scarlett Expert System Compiler Rules File
RGN Championship Manager Game File
RGO RepliGo Virtual Print File (Cerience Corporation)
RGP RealArcade Game Package
RGS RealArcade Game Installer
RGS InstallShield Professional Script for Windows Registry (InstallShield
RGU Data Recovery Software (Ontrack)
RGX ReaGeniX Code Generator Symbol Table
RH C++ Resource Header File (Borland)
RHC ClipX RLIB RHELP Source File
RHP Rhino 3D Plug-in File (Robert McNeel & Associates)
RI Lotus 1-2-3 File
RIA Alpharel Group IV Raster Graphics
RIB 3D Reality Renderman Format Graphics
RIB 3D Reality Picture
RIC Ricoh FAX Graphic File
RICHMEDIA Norton Guides File
RIF Fractal Painter Bitmap
RIF Raster Image File Format
RIF Recource Interchange File Format Bitmap Image
RIF Rockwell ADPCM Audio
RIFF Raster Image File Format
RIFF Recource Interchange File Format Bitmap Image
RIN RappInfo PostScript Converter Configuration File
RIN Retrieve 4GL Database Index (Sage Enterprice Solutions)
RIP Notes Error File (Lotus)
RIP Quincy Program Crash Report
RIP Remote Imaging Protocol
RIP Telegrafx Remote Imaging Protocol
RIR Spaceward Satori Family Native
RIS Bibliographic Reference File
RIS HDF Zlib File
RIT Velrita Document File
RIV CRiSP Harvest File
RIX ColorRIX VGA Paint Bitmap (RIX SoftWorks Inc.)
RIX RIX Virtual Screen
RK RK Archiver / RKAU Audio (RK Software)
RKV RKIVE Compressed Archive
RL The 7th Guest Archive
RL$ Basic Realizer Disk1 File
RL1 Descent1 Registered Level File
RL2 Descent2 Registered Level
RL4 Bitmap Graphic
RL8 Bitmap Graphic
RLA Advanced Visualizer File
RLA Wavefront Raster Image
RLB Harvard Graphics (Harvard Graphics)
RLB Insight II Residue Library
RLB Wavefront Bitmap (Alias)
RLC ArcView Image File (ESRI)
RLC Image Systems CAD Overlay
RLC Run Length RLC Bitmap
RLC Scanner One-bit/pixel Grahpic Output
RLD Norton Commander 5.0 Temporary File
RLE Graphic
RLE Utah Raster Toolkit Bitmap Image
RLF ArtCAM Pro Relief File (Delcam plc)
RLG Regcleaner Language File
RLG ReliaSoft ALTA 6 & Weibull++ 6
RLI RVS-COM Least-cost-routing Tariff Database (Living Byte Software
RLL Basic Realizer Careal File
RLL SQL Server Resource Library (Microsoft)
RLO Basic Realizer Careal Library File
RLS RadLight Skin (RadLight)
RLT ReliaSoft BlockSim & Weibull++ 6
RLV Basic Realizer Careal Clipart
RLW ReliaSoft ALTA 6 & BlockSim & Weibull++ 6
RLZ Realizer Source Code
RM RealMedia File
RMD RegMaid Document (Microsoft)
RME SB_AWE Keys File
RMF Acrobat Rights Management Document (Adobe)
RMF Beatnik Rich Music Format (Beatnik)
RMF Rich Map Format
RMG Temporary File
RMG RootsMagic Genealogy File (FormalSoft)
RMJ Real Jukebox File
RMK Clipper RMake Make File
RML Redline Markup Language File
RMM RealPlayer File
RMO Selectica RateBuilder
RMP RIFF MP3 Audio File
RMR Resume Maker File
RMS AutoCAD Data File for Boss RMS
RMS Secure RealMedia File
RMVB RealVideo Variable Bit Rate File
RMX RealJukeBox MP3 File
RN Nota Bene XPL Program
RND AutoCAD Autoshade Rendering Slide (Autodesk)
RND Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Random Seed (PGP Corporation)
RNG Nokia Phone Ringtone File (Nokia)
RNG Top Secret Crypto Gold File
RNK Dial-up Shortcut
RNL GTX Runlength Raster Graphics
RNO VAX Runoff File
RNS Renoise Professional Music Tracker
RNX RealPlayer File (RealNetworks)
ROADS ROADS++ Documnet
ROB Microsoft Art Gallery File
ROF ReliaSoft RG
ROFF Roff/nroff/troff/groff Unformatted Manual Page (UNIX)
ROI ReportBlast (Actuate)
ROL AdLib Music File
ROM MZ700 Emulator
ROM Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
ROM Read Only Memory Image
ROQ Medal of Honor - Allied Assualt
ROQ Quake 3 Arena Movie (id Software)
ROT Rotater 3D Image
ROU English Lake District Walker Calculator Route File
ROU MapSource Route Information (Garmin Ltd.)
ROV Rescue Rover Data
ROX ReportBlast (Actuate)
ROY TrueType
RP Rainbow Painter
RP RealPix Clip
RP0 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP1 Database Text; R&R Report File
RP1 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP2 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP3 Need for Speed Car Race File
RP3 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP4 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP5 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP6 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP7 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP8 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RP9 RescuePro Physician Invoice File
RPA Rebel Strip Poker Supplementary Video/audio File (Rebel Software)
RPB Automotive Diagnostic
RPB CP Backup Report
RPBM Portable Image
RPC Rich Photorealistic Content (ArchVision, Inc.)
RPD Rapidfile Database
RPD RosaPro File
RPD RPV Printing System File
RPF AutoCAD Raster-pattern Fill Definition (Autodesk)
RPF ProWORX Nxt Cross-reference Pointer (Schneider Electric)
RPF Raven Check Convertor Payment File (DeepCove Labs)
RPG RPG Programming Language
RPGM Portable Greyscale
RPIN InDesign Import/Export Filter (Adobe)
RPJ Relex
RPK RadLight Skin
RPK Rippack File
RPL Replica Text File
RPL Reply Message
RPL Escape Replay (Compressed Video) File (Eidos)
RPL Crystal Reports for Visual dBASE Label File
RPM INUX Package
RPM RealMedia Player Plug-in (RealNetworks)
RPM RedHat Package Manager
RPM RunPaint Multicolor Graphic
RPNM Portable Image
RPPM Portable Image
RPR IBM Voice Type Language Vocabels File
RPS Borland Translation Repository (Borland)
RPS Reason Song (Propellerhead Software)
RPT Crystal Reports Output File (Report) (Crystal Decisions)
RPT MicroSim PCBoard Reports Reflecting Autorouting Progress and
RPT Report
RPT Sierra Mastercook Cookbook File
RPT Visual Basic Crystal Reports File (Microsoft)
RPV Listlabl File
RPV Real Player Visualization File
RPV Rebel Strip Poker Main Oopponent Video File (Rebel Software)
RPV RPV Printing System File
RPW RPWiz Project
RPX Electronic Storage Corporation Laser Vault Index
RPX Oracle Visual Information Retrieval Raw Pixel Format File
RPX Repute Tutorial File
RPY Grand Prix Legends Racing Simulation Game File
RPY Star Wars - Tie Fighter Media
RPZ Crystal Reports Encrypted and Zipped Report File (Crystal Decisions)
RQY Excel OLE DB Query File (Microsoft)
RR Railroad Tycoon
RRB RoboRally Board Editor Board File (Norbert Langernamm)
RRD ERDAS Imagine File
RRF Musicmatch Jukebox File
RRF Raytech Navigator (Raymarine)
RRI SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
RRS Road Rash Save File
RS Amiga Reassembler Resource Data (Amiga)
RS EROSION 3D Event File
RS Sun Raster Graphic
RS dnaLIMS Reaction Sheet (dnaTools)
RS6000 RS 6000 Make File
RSA PKCS7 Signature, MD5 + RSA
RSB Red Storm Image Format
RSB ReliaSoft BlockSim
RSB Rogue Spear Bitmap
RSC Compiled Resource
RSC NASCAR Racing 2002 Paint Shop Controller File (Sierra)
RSC Resource File
RSC SymbianOS Application Resource File
RSD Roland Visual MT File
RSD Scanner Recognita file
RSF Mediafour MacDrive Macintosh Resource Fork
RSF ReliaSoft BlockSim
RSF Reflection Setting File (WRQ)
RSG EPOC Compiled Resource Header
RSK RiskMan Risk Project
RSL Borland's Paradox 7 Report (Borland)
RSL PageMaker (Adobe)
RSL Paradox
RSL PC Tools Resources Library
RSL ReliaSoft ALTA 6
RSM ReliaSoft MPC 3
RSM Resume
RSM RuneSword II Game
RSM WinWay Deluxe Resume File
RSML Real Player File
RSN Reason Audio File (Propellerhead Software)
RSP Linker Response File
RSP MDaemon File
RSP ODBC Driver Configuration File (Microsoft)
RSP ReliaSoft BlockSim
RSP Responce Text File
RSP Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
RSP Workshare Synergy Response File
RSP Universal Installer Response File (Oracle)
RSR 4D Database Resource Fork
RSRC Mac OS Resource File
RSS EPOC Resource Source File
RSS ReliaSoft BlockSim
RSS Rockwell Logix 500 SLC-5 Software
RSS Rich Site Summary File
RSS PlanMan Image (Invarion Pty Ltd)
RST IBM Voice Type Language Scripts Data File
RST ReliaSoft BlockSim
RST LochMaster Strip Board (ABACOM Ingenieurb³ro)
RSTRNT Insight II Distance, Torsion, Chiral, and NOE Volume Restraints
RSW ReliaSoft BlockSim
RS_ ArcView Image File (ESRI)
RS_ Macintosh File Resource Fork
RT Real Media File
RT Rich Text
RT$ NTgraph Visual C Wizzard File
RTA IBM Voice Type Language Vocabels File
RTA RoboHelp Configuration
RTB Rhino 3D Toolbar Collection File (post-Sept 2003) (Robert McNeel
RTC Rescue Me File
RTD Ragtime Examples Render File
RTD Retina Network Security Scanner Output File (eEye Digital Security)
RTE MicroSim PCBoard Routes Established By a Successfully Completed
RTF Rich Text Format File
RTK RoboHelp Configuration
RTL Borland Runtime Library (Borland)
RTL HP Color Printer Raster Transfer Language (Hewlett-Packard)
RTL Norton Utilities 7.0 Runtime Library
RTL Text File
RTM Real Tracker Music Module
RTM ReliaSoft RG
RTP Gerber Sign-making Software File
RTP Patch File (Microsoft)
RTP RTPatch Update Package
RTP TurboTax Update File
RTR IBM Voice Type Language Vocabels File
RTS QuickTime Real-Time Streaming Protocol File (Apple Computer, Inc.)
RTS RealAudio RTSL Document
RTS Realizer Runtime Library
RTS RIT Multilingual Transliteration Scheme
RTS RoboHelp Configuration
RTSP QuickTime Real-Time Streaming Protocol File (Apple Computer, Inc.)
RTT Ragtime File
RTX Mobile Phone Ringtone
RTX Reliacast Audience Manager Turnstile
RTX Rich Text Document
RT_ Winhelp Compressed File
RU Javasoft JRE 1.3 Library File
RUF ProWORX Nxt Address Used Tables Reference (Schneider Electric)
RUI SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
RUJ Oracle Recovery-Unit Journal
RUL Echo-conference Rules
RUL Expert System Rule
RUL InstallShield Rules File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
RUL SpamAI Spam Rule Repository (DAIR Computer Systems)
RUN PC Tools Script Tools Program
RUS Russian Text
RV RealVideo Clip
RV SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
RVB Rhino 3D Visucal Basic Script File (Robert McNeel &
RVC TNTmips Windows Version Project File (MicroImages, Inc.)
RVD VPHybridCAD V7 File
RVF TNTmips DOS Version Project File (MicroImages, Inc.)
RVG Revit External Group File
RVI Revenant Archive
RVM Revenant Archive
RVN Riven Saved Game
RVP C|Net CatchUp File
RVP Scan Configuration File (Microsoft)
RVR SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
RVS Revenant Archive
RVT Apache Rivet Tcl File
RVT IEX Workforce Management Report
RVT Incite Media Assistant File
RVT Revit Design Setup File
RVT VersaPro Reference View Table
RVW Review
RVX Reflection Web Launch (WRQ)
RW5 Tripod Data Systmes Survey Pro Data File
RW6 ReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
RWA ReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
RWD Symphonie Raw Wind Data
RWG Random Word Generator
RWMT ReliaSoft Weibull++ 6 MT
RWP IBM Configurator Report
RWP MENSI Realworks Survey
RWS C++ Resource Workshop Symbol File (Borland)
RWS MENSI Realworks Survey
RWS REDIPlus Workspace (REDIProducts)
RWX MEME Shape File
RWX Netscape Live 3D
RWX RenderWare Script
RWZ Outlook Rules Wizard File (Microsoft)
RX E3 Security Kit Prescription File (
RX DOS 7 File
RX EARS Component File
RX Reflex Database Driver (Borland)
RX2 ReCycle! Format Audio Loop (Propellerhead Software)
RXC Reflection X Client File (WRQ)
RXD Reflex Database (Borland)
RXF Recipe Exchange Format
RXH Reflex Database Help File (Borland)
RXN MDL Rxn File
RXP Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Playlist (Roxio)
RXR Reflex Database Report (Borland)
RXS Reflex Database Screen Driver (Borland)
RXS AudioCentral Roxio Markup Sound (Roxio)
RXS Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Markup Sound (Roxio)
RZR in-sync Speed Razor Project File
RZX in-sync Speed Razor Project File
RZX RamSoft's ZX Spectrum Replay
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