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Endungen mit Anfangsbuchstaben O
Dateiendung Beschreibung
O Object File
O UNIX/GCC Object File
O Origin C Compiled Program File (OriginLab)
O$$ Output File
O$$ Sprint Outfile
O01 Typhoon Voice File
O2C Objects to See 3D File Format (mb Software AG)
O8O Mediator5 Repositorytabs Vorlagen.006 File
OAB Outlook Address Book (Microsoft)
OAF ETH Oberon Applet File
OAZ NetFax Manager OAZ Fax File
OB IMB LinkWay Object File
OB ABF Outlook Backup Backup File (ABF software, Inc.)
OB$ Compressed OBJ (Microsoft)
OB1 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Saved Outbox File
OBA Timespace X100 Digital Video Recorder Video File (Electronics Services
OBD Office Binder Template (Microsoft)
OBD Oracle Forms Online Help File (Oracle)
OBE Out Of Box Experience
OBE System DLL Oobe File
OBJ Metatools Object Bryce Support File
OBJ Object File
OBJ Relocatable Object Code
OBJ Wavefront 3D Object
OBJ Intel Relocatable Object Module
OBJ Lightwave Object
OBK Ubi Soft Chessmaster Opening Book File
OBN Oberon-2 Module Source File
OBP Bryce 5 Object Preset (Corel)
OBPACK ObjectBar Object
OBR C++ Object Browser Data File (Borland)
OBS ObjectScript Script
OBS OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Saved Outbox File
OBT Office Binder Template (Microsoft)
OBTHEME ObjectBar Theme File
OBV ObjectScript Visual Interface
OBZ Office Binder Wizard (Microsoft)
OCA Control Typelib Cache (Microsoft)
OCA OLE Custom Control Library Information
OCA Visual Basic Control Typelib Cache
OCB Origin Precompiled Origin C File (OriginLab Corporation)
OCC DB/TextWorks Database Terms and Words
OCD OCAD Digitized Map (Steinegger Software)
OCF Object Craft File
OCF OM2Cipher File
OCM AOL Advertising Control File (AOL)
OCM Internet Odyssey 2 Update
OCM Netscape Communicator Aim File
OCP Advanced Art Studio
OCP Offline Commander Project File
OCR FAXGrapper FAX Text File
OCT Octalizer Musical File
OCT Radiance Octree Format
OCX Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Control Extension (Microsoft)
OC_ Doko Compressed Install File
OD1 Omnis5 Database File
OD2 Omnis5 Database File
OD3 Omnis5 Database File
OD4 Omnis5 Database File
OD5 Omnis5 Database File
OD6 Omnis5 Database File
OD7 Omnis5 Database File
OD8 Omnis5 Database File
OD9 Omnis5 Database File
ODA CALS Group IV Type 2 Raster Image
ODA ODA Document
ODA Used with OCX
ODB ArcView Object Database ASCII File (ESRI)
ODC Office Data Connection
ODCCUBEFILE Office Data Connection
ODCDATABASEFILE Office Data Connection
ODCNEWFILE Office Data Connection
ODCTABLEFILE Office Data Connection
ODE Office Object Data Embedding File (Microsoft)
ODF BattleZone Cartographers Guild File
ODF OnkoS Data (OnkoS)
ODF Open Document Interchange (ODIF)
ODF Star Trek Armada Ship/Structure Infomation
ODIF Open Document Interchange Format
ODL Object Definition Language
ODL Visual C++ Type Library Source (Microsoft)
ODM Opendisc Software (Opendisc)
ODP Oedipus
ODS NCompass Labs Internet Script
ODS Outlook Express Mailbox (Microsoft)
ODZ IBM OpenDoc Editor Package File
OEB Outlook Express Backup Wizard
OEM OEM Data Used During Device Install
OEM Text Listing of Supported OEM Devices for WinNT
OF Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
OF LessDATA Video System OneFile File
OF MicroImages Outline Font (MicroImages, Inc.)
OFC Open Financial Connectivity File
OFD ObjectView Form Defintion
OFD OfficeForms Form Data File (Toplevel Computing)
OFF 3D Mesh Object File Format
OFF Vector Graphic
OFM Embroidery Design File
OFM Font (Adobe)
OFM OmniForm Form File
OFM PostScript Font Description File
OFM OfficeForms Blank Form File (Toplevel Computing)
OFN Office FileNew File (Microsoft)
OFR OptimFROG Encoded Audio
OFT Outlook Item Template (Microsoft)
OFX Olicom Fax
OFX Open Financial Exchange File
OGF OnkoS Graphic File (OnkoS)
OGG Ogg Vorbis Codec Compressed WAV File
OGG Origin Graphic File (OriginLab)
OGG Salt Lake City Game File
OGL Overlay Source Code
OGM Ogg Vorbis Compressed Video File
OGM Origin Matrix File (OriginLab)
OGO OriginPro Graphic Object File (OriginLab)
OGS Origin Script File (OriginLab)
OGW Origin Worksheet File (OriginLab)
OGX C++ Component Gallery Exported Classes and Resources (Microsoft)
OHC OpenHelp Table of Contents File (Borland)
OHI OpenHelp Index (Borland)
OHL OpenHelp Link (Borland)
OHP DOS 7 File
OHP OpenHelp Project File (Borland)
OHS Bink Outbound History
OID Prosa/OM Object Interaction Diagram
OIF QuickBase Web-sharable Database Interchange File
OIL Open Image Library Format
OKS OKScript File
OKT Oktalyzer Tracker Module
OLB MS Project Object Library
OLB OrCAD PSpice Capture Symbols Models
OLB VAX Object Library
OLD Old Version
OLE Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Object
OLF OyezForms Legal Documents (UK) (Oyez)
OLI Olivetti Text File
OLK MS Mail Mailbag Lock
OLK Outlook Address Book (Microsoft)
OLL TrialDirector Object Load List
OLN Visual C++ Outline Examples (Microsoft)
OLT Visual C++ Outline Examples (Microsoft)
OLV OnLive! Traveler Sound File (The Digital Space Commons)
OLV OyezForms Legal Documents (UK) (Oyez)
OM Omicron Compiler File
OMD Prosa/OM Class Model
OMF Open Media Format File
OMG OpenMG Jukebox
OMN Omnipotent, Inc. Collection File
OMO Oracle Media Objects File
OMS Briggs Softworks Order Maven
OMS Macintosh MP3 Music Format
OMS Omega Downloader Configuration File
ON Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
OND Lotus Notes-related File (Lotus)
ONE docPointer
ONF Open Navigation Format File
ONX Onyx Graphics Postershop File
OOM Shroom Swap File
OOP OOP Packer Archive (TonyTown Software Ltd.)
OP Rescue Disk File
OP Origin Preprocessed Origin C File (OriginLab Corporation)
OP2 Musplay 1.72 File
OP2 Outpost 2 Saved Game
OPA Psion OPL Object File
OPC Beta 44 Job File
OPC Office Upgrade Control File (Microsoft)
OPC Omron OPC Client File
OPD OmniPage12 Document
OPD Durango Interferometry Software Document (Diffraction
OPF Flip Album File
OPF KEPServerEX Project Configuration File (Kepware Technologies Inc.)
OPJ OrCad Project File
OPJ Origin Project File (OriginLab)
OPK Origin Origin Pack File (OriginLab)
OPL Psion Organiser Programming Language Source File
OPM Quadrox Digital CCTV System Components
OPN Exact Active Options
OPN Court Opinion File (Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts)
OPN Rebel Strip Poker Opponent File (Rebel Software)
OPO Psion OPL Output Executable File
OPP IPhoto File (Keronsoft)
OPS Office Profile Settings File
OPT Delphi Project Options
OPT Developer Studio File Workspace Options (Microsoft)
OPT Options/Configuration
OPT ProWORX Nxt List Module Option File (Schneider Electric)
OPT QEMM Optimize
OPT Segue SilkTest Option Set File
OPW Org Plus for Windows Organization Chart
OPX OrgPlus Organization Chart (HumanConcepts, LLC)
OPX Exact Inactive Options
OPX Flip Album File
OPX OPL Extension DLL
OPX OrgChart Organization Diagram (Microsoft)
OPX Psion Organizer Programming Language
OQY Excel OLAP Query File (Microsoft)
OR2 Lotus Organizer 2 File
OR3 Lotus Organizer 97 File
OR4 Lotus Organizer File
OR5 Lotus Organizer File
OR8 Rational Rose Oracle8 Database Model Report
ORA Oracle 7 Configuration
ORC Oracle 7 Script
ORC Digital Orchestrator Plus Sound File (Voyetra Turtle Beach,
ORF Descent 3 Outrage Room Format
ORF Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File
ORG Lotus Organiser File
ORG Microcal Origin Plot
ORG Netmino File
ORG Origin File
ORI Need for Speed-Hot Pursuit 2 File
ORI Original
ORIG Gen Original File
ORIGINAL Netobjects Fusion Components BBScomp Message File
OS3 OS/2 Warp 3 File
OSC Formula One 2001 Options File
OSC Fruitypro Samples SS_effects File
OSC Remote Installation Services Client Installation Wizard File
OSD Open Software Description File (Microsoft)
OSF Distribution Bin File
OSG OSG321 Software Application Data File
OSI Osiris Database (The Shmoo Group)
OSI SunNet OSI Description File (Sun)
OSS Office Saved Search (Microsoft)
OST Exchange Offline File (Microsoft)
OST Outlook Offline File (Microsoft)
OTB Nokia Phone Graphics Editor (Nokia)
OTB On-the-air Bitmap
OTF OnkoS Text Data File (OnkoS)
OTF Open Type Font Format
OTH Power Toys Other Folder Explorer Tool
OTH Origin Graph Properties File (OriginLab Corporation)
OTHERFOLDER Power Toys Other Folder Explorer Tool
OTL Fookes Super NoteTab Template File
OTL NoteTab Outline
OTL OpenTrap Event Log
OTL Ventura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format
OTL Z-Soft Type Foundry Font
OTM Origin Matrix Template File (OriginLab)
OTP Origin Graphic Template File (OriginLab)
OTP Top Secret Crypto Gold File
OTS OtsJuke Sound File
OTW Origin Worksheet Template File (OriginLab)
OTX Olivetti Olitext Plus File
OU! OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Outbound Messages Online
OUT Outlines or Output File
OUT OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Outbound Messages
OUT Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
OV OpenInsight Database Overflow File (Revelation Software)
OV OrgPlus Professional OrgViewer File (HumanConcepts, LLC)
OV1 Program File - Overlay
OV2 Program File - Overlay
OV3 Program File - Overlay
OVA Sierra Web Studio Graphic
OVB OnkoS Vocabulary Backup File (OnkoS)
OVD ObjectVision Datafile
OVE Cakewalk Overture Score (Cakewalk)
OVL Program File - Overlay
OVM BHV Tonstudio Platin File
OVR Program File - Overlay
OVW Cool Edit Pro Overview File
OVW Cubase .WAV File Image (Steinberg)
OVW DIANA Overview File
OVX Psion OVAL Control
OWD OpenWire Project
OWF OnkoS Wave Data File (OnkoS)
OWS Web Studio 2 Project File
OX Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language File
OXL OMEGA Product Suite File
OXO DB-MAIN Compiled Voyager-2 Program
OXO Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language File
OYB Organize Your Beanie Babies Data File
OYZ Lotus Approach Alternate dBASE Index
OZM Sharp Organizer Memo Bank
OZP Sharp Organizer Telephone Bank
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