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Endungen mit Anfangsbuchstaben I
Dateiendung Beschreibung
I C++ Preprocessor Intermediate File (Borland)
I Phase Vocorder Analysis Data
I Progress Database Include File (Progress Software)
I0 Winter Windows Scheduler File
I00 (100-103) Winphone Phonebook
I16 Nokia Phone Logo File (Nokia)
I17 Pixel Power Collage
I18 Pixel Power Collage
I1C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
I1I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
I2C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
I2I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
I2S Invision for mIRC Settings
I3 Modula-3 Interface Source
I3C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
I3I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
I66 Interactive66 Graphic Design Information
IA Roland Garros Tennis Person File
IA6 IApproach Data File (Workfile) (Tdata, Inc.)
IAF Outlook 97 and 2000 E-mail Account Settings (Microsoft)
IAF Outlook Express Account Settings (Microsoft)
IAF IAFA Document
IAFA IAFA Document
IAM Inventor CAD (Autodesk)
IAN Sterling Software COOL Business Team Model File
IAP ASM Palette
IAP TeamBG File
IAX IBM Image Access Executive Bitmap
IB7 Pixel Power Collage
IBA IBasic Source Code File
IBA Image
IBA MDE InfoHandler Infobase File
IBD PDS Picture
IBD Windows Installer File (Microsoft)
IBF Instant Backup
IBG Bert's Dinosaurs File
IBG NASA PDS Graphic Format
IBK National Construction Estimator 32 Picture File
IBK Sound Blaster Instrument Bank
IBL IBasic Component Language File
IBM Archdos Compressed File
IBM Commodore Amiga Graphics
IBM Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint
IBS i2 iBase File
IBT IBTracer Infiniband Link And Protocol Analyzer InfiniBand Trace File (Computer Access Technology Corporation)
IBX Interscope BlackBox File
IBY ROM Image Component Include File
IC Modula-3 M3CG Intermediate Language File
IC Spice Initial Condition
IC1 Imagic Bitmap Graphic
IC2 IMagic Bitmap Graphic
IC3 IMagic Bitmap Graphic
ICA Citrix Independent Computer Architecture File (Citrix)
ICA Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics File
ICB Image Capture Board
ICB Targa Bitmap
ICC Animation Softdisk
ICC Apple ColorSync 2.0 (Apple Computer, Inc.)
ICC ICC Profile Format File
ICC IronCAD Catalog
ICC Kodak Printer Image
ICD ASTi Model Builder
ICD File Associated with Many Games
ICD Rate Structure File
ICD Rayman2 Game File
ICE Archive
ICE Cooltalk Audio
ICE Freeze! Compressed Archive (Reeve Soft)
ICE ICEOWS Compressed File (RaphaÙl et BÚatrice Mounier)
ICF Cheyenne AntiVirus
ICF ICOM CS-2100 Radio Programming Data
ICF INI Creator for X10 Remote Control
ICF Insane Chat Saved Conversation
ICF RapidForm2000 (INUS Compression Format File (INUS Technology, Inc.)
ICL Clean File
ICL Icon Library File
ICM Earl F. Glynn Color Tablecolor Table
ICM ICC Profile, Acer Monitor Drive
ICM Image Color Matching Profile File
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICMS Ragtime Extensions File
ICN AT&T Graphic Format
ICN Bert's Dinosaurs File
ICN Icon Program
ICN Micrografx Icon
ICN RIPTerm Image
ICN SunOS Mono Icon
ICN HP Palmtop 100/200LX Icon
ICO Windows Icon (Microsoft)
ICO Sun Icon/Cursor
ICO OS/2 Icon
ICON Sun Icon/Cursor
ICP InterCept File
ICP UNIX Icontact Parameter File
ICQ ICQ Saved File (ICQ Inc.)
ICR NCSA Telnet Interactive Color Raster Graphic
ICS Image Cytometry
ICS Inovate 3D CAD File
ICS Outlook Calendar File (Microsoft)
ICS SwiftView ICS Command File (SwiftView, Inc.)
ICS iCalendar Calendar Data
ICT TIFF and ISO Image Related File
ICV Bond .AVI Film
ICV In Chair Viewing
ICW Icon
ICW InterCAD File
ICW MS Internet Explorer Internet Connect Wizard
ICX More Than Words File
ICX VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise Program Image File (IBM)
IC_ Compressed LCT File
ID 3D Graphic
ID Disk Identification File
ID Gamecode
ID Instant Messenger Buddy Icon (AOL)
ID Lotus Notes ID File
ID MS Data Map (Microsoft)
ID3 ID3 Resource
IDA IIS Server File (Microsoft)
IDAPI Integrated Database Application Programming Interface (Borland)
IDB A-B-CD Info File
IDB Database Used by Disassembler
IDB Delphi Pascal Object File
IDB Developer Intermediate File (Microsoft)
IDB IDA Database
IDB MS Developer Intermediate MDPX File
IDC IDA C Language Source Code
IDC Internet Database Connector Document
IDC Structured Query Language (SQL)
IDD MIDI Instrument Definition
IDD Complete Works Database-related File (Toplevel Computing)
IDE C++ Project (Borland)
IDE Grand Theft Auto 3 Model IDs and Properties
IDE Integrated Development Environment Configuration File
IDE Sophos Anti-Virus Virus Identity File
IDE ideCAD Architectural Architectural 3D Design Model (ideCAD
IDE ideCAD Structural Structural 3D Design Model (ideCAD Software
IDEA Brainbloom Document (Gael Limited)
IDF ARTiSAN Real-time Studio ID
IDF Identification File
IDF MIDI Instruments Definition File (Microsoft)
IDI i-deas Web ACCESS File
IDIF Netscape Saved Address Book
IDL CRiSP Harvest File
IDL OMG CORBA Interface Definition Language
IDL Snappy Devdocs
IDL Visual C++ Interface Definition File (Microsoft)
IDM Ulead Photo Express Messages File
IDMEF Snort File
IDQ Internet Data Query File
IDQ Structured Query Language (SQL) Query
IDR CompactDRAW Object(s) (MediaChance)
IDS Minos 3D Data File
IDS IDA Imported Names Format
IDS Infini-D Scene File
IDS Infinity Game Engine Numbers to Description Map
IDT Identification
IDT Output of DLL2IDT Utility
IDT Text Archive Table
IDT Windows Installer File (Microsoft)
IDU Interleaf Desktop Utility (BroadVision)
IDV Inventor Design View Tree (Autodesk)
IDW IntelliDraw Vector Graphic (Adobe)
IDW Inventor CAD (Autodesk)
IDX ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Only Datasets (ESRI)
IDX Clip Gallery 1.x Index (Microsoft)
IDX Corel QuickFinder Information
IDX FoxPro Index (Microsoft)
IDX ICQ Index (ICQ Inc.)
IDX Index
IDX LaTeX Index
IDX Outlook Express Mailbox (Microsoft)
IDX Stork Format Header Information
IDX Symantec Q&A Relational Database Index File
IDX AOL Temporary Internet Mail File
IDX Complete Works Index File (Toplevel Computing)
IDY Debug Information File
IDY Index File
IDZ i-deas Web ACCESS File
ID_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
IE1-3 Internet Explorer 3 Address Book
IE3 Internet Explorer 3 File
IEE-695 IEEE 695 Information (Hewlett Packard)
IEF Image File
IEL Erazer98 File
IEM Informix Error Message
IES Photometric File Data
IF9 Pixel Power Collage
IFD Jet Form Design Form
IFF Amiga Bitmap Graphic (Amiga)
IFF Amiga Sound (Amiga)
IFF Bitmap Graphic
IFF DESR VFF Greyscale Bitmap Image
IFF Graphic, Sound
IFF Image Deluxe Paint (Electronic Arts)
IFF Philips CDI File
IFF ProWrite Document
IFF Simple Musical Score
IFF Sun TAAC Image File
IFF TDI Explore & Alias Wavefront Image
IFF TextCraft Document
IFF The Sims (Maxis) Object/Data File
IFILE Amaya i386 File
IFL Descent 3 Ship Graphic
IFM Brighterion iPrevent Fraud Model
IFM Shana Informed Filler
IFN Amma Lsb v1.0 Initialization
IFO DVD Info File
IFO ImageForge Pro Graphic Object Layer Data
IFO Info File
IFP KnowledgeMan Script
IFR Formula 1 Racing Databin Cars Common File
IFS Fractint Iterated Function System Fractal
IFS IconForge Image EXE Library
IFS OS/2 Warp Installable File System
IFS Yuvpak Compressed Fractal Image
IFS Fractint Iterated Function System Parameters
IFW Luminosity Impact! File
IFX ImageSoft v2.00 Graphic
IG Modula-3 Generic Interface Source
IGC Global Positioning System Datalogger
IGES Initial 2D/3D Graphics Exchange Specification
IGF Hijack Graphic Bitmap
IGF Image Systems
IGF Inset Systems Metafile
IGF Sound file
IGF Vector Graphic
IGL inSORS IGLayout Layout File
IGM inSORS IGClient Meeting File
IGN ICQ Igonre List (ICQ Inc.)
IGP Igor Reader Sheet Music File
IGR Intergraph SmartSketch Drawing
IGR SmartSketch Drawing Design
IGS CAD Overlay
IGS Image Systems Grayscale, 8-bits
IGS Initial Graphics Exchange Specification Format
IGV inSORS IGClient Venue File
IGX iGrafx Process
IHP Watcom Help File
IHS Bink Inbound History
IHTML Inline HyperText Markup Language (Inline Internet Systems,
II C64 Doodle Compressed File
II Gcc Preprocessed C++ Source Code
IID Tonline BSW4 Fnstall Lid File
IIF QuickBooks for Windows Interchange File
III Intel IPhone Compatible File (Intel)
III ARC+ Drawing (ACA)
IIM Inshape Graphic
IIM Interscope InstallMaster Setup Project
IIM iOpus Internet Macro
IIM Music Module
IIMG Interleaf Graphic
IIT Install Maker Install Info File (Clickteam)
IJS J Interpretor Script File
IKL InkBall (Microsoft)
IKO Windows Icon Resource
IL FORTRAN 90 Inline Expansion File
IL Icon Library
IL MSIL Assembler Input File (Microsoft)
ILB Scream Tracker Data
ILBM Amiga Interleaved Bitmap Format (Amiga)
ILBM Graphic, Sound
ILG TeX MakeIndex Track File
ILK Ilink Program Format Outline (Microsoft)
ILL 2D Graphic
ILL Agati Illustrated Image
ILL ILL Transaction File
ILL Illustrator Prologue (Adobe)
ILM Amiga IFF Image (Amiga)
ILM CAS 200 QDA v3.0 Image List Mode File
ILM Illuminatus Opus Multimedia File
ILM Iomega Zip Drive Speed Configuration File
ILM Satsang Quiz File
ILPLOPTIONS InterLock and PowerLock
ILPLVOUCHERS InterLock and PowerLock
ILS Internet Security And Acceleration Server Summary (Microsoft)
ILS Win3 Windows Word File
ILSR Iomega Reader
ILV ILOG View File
ILVG iLiving P-to-P
IM 3D Graphic
IM Sun Raster File
IM04 Image Sun Raster
IM1 Sun Raster File
IM24 Bitmap Graphic
IM30 Image Sun Raster
IM32 Bitmap Graphic
IM5 Visilog
IM5 Visilog (NorPix, Inc.)
IM8 Sun Raster Graphic
IM? 2D Graphic
IMA AIM Grey Scale Image
IMA EGO - Chart - Autumn Mirage Vector Graphic
IMA Mirage Vector Graphics
IMA PIXELA ImageMixer File
IMA WinImage File
IMA Zenographics image
IMA IncrediMail Animation (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IMAGE Disk Copy, ShrinkWrap Disk Image
IMAGE Squeak Code File
IMAGINE Object & Texture Imagine 3.0
IMAKE Imake File
IMB IncrediMail (IncrediMail)
IMC IncrediMail (IncrediMail)
IMD Caseware IDEA
IME IncrediMail Emoticons (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IME Global Input Method Editor (Microsoft)
IMESHDEF iMesh Skin (iMesh)
IMF ImageForge/ImageForge Image EXE Library Saved Filtered
IMF IncrediMail Letter (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IMF MIDI Music File
IMG Grand Theft Auto 3 .DFF and .TXD Archive
IMG Idrisi32 Raster Image
IMG Image Whatnot / Erdas Imagine MIS / Radiance / Starbase
IMG Microtek Eyestar
IMG Planetary Data System
IMG Radiance Scene Description Image
IMG Starbase
IMG Ventura Publisher/GEM VDI Image Format Bitmap
IMG Vicar
IMG Vivid Ray-tracer
IMG ADEX Corporation ChromaGraph Graphics Card Bitmap Graphic
IMG Alias Bitmap Graphic
IMG Apple Macintosh Disk Copy Format (Apple Computer, Inc.)
IMG AutoCAD CAD-Camera (Autodesk)
IMG Bitmap Graphic
IMG CloneCd Image
IMG Disk Copy, ShrinkWrap Disk Image
IMG Floppy Image File
IMG Grand Theft Auto 3
IMG Img Software Set Bitmap
IMH IncrediMail Data File (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IMI IncrediMail Animation (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IMI Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland)
IMJ JFIF File With a Microsoft Windows BMP Header
IMJ Pegasus Image Corp Bitmap
IMK IncrediMail License License (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IML ACT! Internet Mail Message File (Best Software CRM Division)
IMM IncrediMail Trash (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IMN IncrediMail Notifier (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IMP Babya Installer Archive
IMP Crayola Art Image
IMP FileMaker Database Translation Filter
IMP IMP Archive
IMP Lotus Improv Spreadsheet
IMP Pascal Implementation
IMP Urban Chaos Game File
IMP WinIMP Archive (Technelysium Pty Ltd)
IMQ ImageQ Presentation
IMQ NASA Planetary Image
IMR Cognos Impromptu Report Writer
IMS IconForge
IMS Incredimail Graphic (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IMS Music File
IMS Rebel Assault File
IMSP Survey Pro Survey File (iMagic Software)
IMV Yahoo Instant Messenger IMVironment
IMW Imageware Surfacer 3D CAD Surface Geometry
IMW IncrediMail Sound (IncrediMail Ltd.)
IMY iMelody Ringtone Format
IMZ Compressed Floppy Image
IMZ WinImage File
IM_ Improve Compressed Audio File
IN Input File
IN McAfee Antivirus
IN$ HP NewWave Install File
IN0 INI Backup
IN1 INI Backup
IN3 Harvard Graphics Input Device Driver (Harvard Graphics)
IN7 Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language PcGive 7
INB Rebel Assault Backup
INB Vermont HighTest Script
INB Visual Expert Source Code Documentation
INC Active Server Include File
INC Assembler language or Active Server Include File
INC Astro Windows
INC Include File
INC Internet Connection File
INC JAWS Text File
INC MS-Backup Incremental File
INC PovRay 2 or 3
INC Spice Include File Subcircuit
INC Wincommander Include File
INCD InCopy/InDesign Link File (Adobe)
IND LaTeX or TeX Makeindx Index
IND Well of Souls Game File
IND Windows Shared Database File
IND Windows/Applog Index
INDD InDesign Document (Adobe)
INDEX Index File
INDIGO Indigo Graphics Format [Eddi Litvak]
INF Autorun
INF BLUEWAVE Information File
INF Information or Setup File
INF OS/2 2.0 Information Presentation Facility (IPF) Data Format OS/2
INF OS/2 Buch Hypertext Help System File
INF Type 1 LaserJet Font Information File
INF Type Manager Font Information (Adobe)
INF Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
INFINI-D Infini-D 3.0 Format
INFO Amiga Icon (Amiga)
ING MasterCook Ingredients
INGR Intergraph Raster File Format
INH Visual Basic Basfwin File
INI Gravis UltraSound Bank Setup File
INI Initialization/Configuration File
INI MWave DSP Synth's GM-setup File: MWSYNTH.INI
INI Simple Exchange Rate Information File Format (SERIFF)
INK Mimio Ink File
INK Pantone Reference File
INK Tablet PC Digital Ink File
INL Visual C++ Inline Function File (Microsoft)
INM Fax Master File
INN COBOL/2 Overlay (Micro Focus)
INO Inno Setup Script Files File
INO Inor IPRO Software File
INP GIS Software Text Input File
INP InPage
INP Oracle Source Code
INP Self-Extracting Archive Utility Project
INP Tramo-Seats Input Specification File (Bank of Spain)
INRS INRS-Telecommunications Sound
INS 1st Reader Install Script
INS AdLib Instrument Music File
INS Ensoniq EPS Family Instrument
INS IIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft)
INS Inspiration Mind Mapping Software File
INS InstallShield Script (InstallShield Software Corporation)
INS Sample Cell / II Instrument
INS WordPerfect (Corel)
INST 3D Graphic
INST Object Oriented Graphics Library (OOGL)
INSTALL Likely a Text File
INT Delphi Interface Unit (Borland)
INT Foxpro Code Page (Microsoft)
INT Intermediate Code Used for Syntax Checking
INT Signature Semi-compiled Program
INT Unreal Tournament Mutator
INTER Interspector Project File
INTERNETMAILSEND Internet Mail Send Powertoy File
INTO Interspector Object File
INU INSPEC Configuration File
INV Rogue Spear Inventory File
INV Windows Update file
INV Lineage Inventory File (NCsoft Corporation)
INV dnaLIMS Invoice File (dnaTools)
INVENTOR Open Inventor File Translator How To [SGI]
INV_LOWRES Rogue Spear Inventory File
INX ACL for Windows Index
INX Foxpro Foxbase Index
INX InstallShield Compiled Rules File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
IN_ Setup Information (Microsoft)
IN~ King's Quest 7, Grabriel Knight, Compressed File
IO Compressed Archive
IO Modula-3 Object File
IOB 3D Object TDDDB Format
IOB Imagine File
IOB Imagine Ver. 1 or 2 TDDDB Format
IOB iOnly ME Website Generator Backup (iOnly)
IOB TDDD Format 3D Graphic Database
IOB Turbo Silver TDDDB Format
IOC Instant ORGcharting! Organization Chart
IOCA Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics File
IOD DVGate DVMotion In/Out List
IOF Findit Document (Microsoft)
IOF Findit Document
ION 4DOS File Description
ION Mascot Data
ION Text Program/Installation Description
IOP iOnly ME Website Generator File (iOnly)
IP IconPackager File
IP Interactive Physics Data
IP Internet Protocol
IP NRC Inspection Manual Inspection Procedures
IP Profile
IPC Interactive Publisher Pro Church Edition Project Data (Interactive
IPD InstallPROG 6 EDBS Install Database
IPE ItsPersonal File
IPE Wacom Pen SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI Backup
IPF Grand Theft Auto 3 Animation Data
IPF SMS Installer Script (Microsoft)
IPG Mindjongg Format
IPH InterPaint Hires Image
IPJ Inventor Project (Autodesk)
IPK NRG iPack File
IPK Sharp Zaurus PDA Application Install File
IPL Corel Pantone Spot Reference Palette
IPL Grand Theft Auto 3 Object Placement Data
IPL Ink Palette
IPL InstallPROG 6 EDBS File Library
IPL IPLab 3.1
IPLI IPLab Graphic
IPM Image Pro Plus Ver. 5 Macro (Media Cybernetics Inc.)
IPN Inventor Presentation (Autodesk)
IPP Help & Manual Proprietary Image
IPR IntelliJ Project XML File
IPS Game Patch File
IPS International Patching System Binary Patch File
IPS IPScript File
IPS MENSI 3Dipsos (MENSI Corporation)
IPT InterPaint Multicolor Image
IPT Inventor CAD (Autodesk)
IPTC Newswire Profile
IPU Vocaltech Iphone Internet Phone User File
IPW UniPlot Graph
IPX Interactive Pictures Corporation AV File
IPX Ipix Spherical Panorama
IPX Viewpoint iPix File
IQ IBM Query File
IQA AmeriCalc Application
IQB AmeriCalc Backup
IQC AmeriCalc Client File
IQD AmeriCalc Database
IQD Webstir File
IQF Integra 3.0 Query File
IQS AmeriCalc Security File
IQU AmeriCalc Update
IQY Excel Web Query (Microsoft)
IQY Internet Inquiry File (Microsoft)
IRC IRCAM Format Sound
IRD IRD Append File
IRD Money Temporary File (Microsoft)
IRF Phonecat2 Ocp97 File
IRF RoomBox 6 IR Code File (Living Control)
IRIS Silicon Graphics RGB
IRIX Irix Make File
IRIX6 Irix 6 File
IRIX64BIT Irix 64 Bit
IRS WordPerfect Resource File (Corel)
IRTP Graphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS Graphic
IRX Brewer Lamp Irradiation File
IRX IBM Mainframe Rule File
IRX PS2 Modified Elf Object File
IRZ iROS Application Packaging Unit (Interactive Workspaces
IS Modula-3 Intermediate Assembly File
ISBN HM3 Tutorial Software
ISC RVS-COM Prepaid SMS Package File (Living Byte Software GmbH)
ISC Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Device Configuration
ISC iScreensaver Designer Project File (Xochi Media Inc.)
ISC Internet Servide Providers Configuration File
ISD dynaSight File
ISD GraphPad InStat
ISD InstallShield Dialog (InstallShield Software Corporation)
ISD RapidFile Dictionary
ISF ModelPress Highly-compressed CAD Model (Informative Graphics
ISFF Intergraph Standard File Format
ISH Compressed Archive File
ISH Image Speeder
ISH Image System
ISK Command File
ISL DB-MAIN Scheme File
ISL Inno Setup 1.3 File
ISL InstallShield Temporary Installer File (InstallShield Software
ISM Image System
ISML Intershop Enfinity
ISO CALS ISO 8613 Bitmap
ISO Easy CD Creator Disc Image
ISO File List for CD-ROM
ISO InstallShield Uninstall File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
ISO ISO Buster File
ISO ISO-9660 Table
ISO RichWin
ISO SEGA CD/Sony Playstation Game File
ISO Cimagraphi CAD File (Graphitech Ltd)
ISO ISO-9660 CD Disc Image
ISP IIS Internet Service Provider Settings (Microsoft)
ISP Internet Communication Settings
ISP Internet Sign-up File
ISP Internet/Internationnal Communication Settings parameter
ISR Go-Moku Game File
ISR Streets & Trips Route File (Microsoft)
ISR Uninstaller Text File
ISS Caseware IDEA IDEAScript
ISS InstallShield Response File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
ISS ISS Graphic
ISS Inno Setup Script (Jordan Russell's Software)
IST Digitrakker Instrument File
IST Imagine Staging Stage Editor File
IST IsoStar Library of Intermolecular Interactions
IST TeX MakeIndex Style Index
ISTR IsoStar Library of Intermolecular Interactions
ISU Easy CD Creator 4 Uninstall File
ISU InstallShield Uninstall Script (InstallShield Software Corporation)
ISU Netscape File
IT Impulse Tracker Music Module
IT Intalk Settings
IT Sound
ITA Italian README File
ITC Uthscsa Imagetool Calibration File
ITE E-Tabs Reader File
ITF Inside Tract File
ITF JPI TopSpeed Pascal Interface File
ITG Intergraph Format
ITH InTether Receiver File (Infraworks Corporation)
ITI Impulse Tracker Instrument
ITM Infinity Game Engine Inventory Object
ITM Item / Article / Zone
ITS Impulse Tracker Sample
ITS International Translation
ITS Internet Document Set
ITU Sheffield Dictionary File
ITW Icetips Wizard Editor
ITW IT Works Database (Simple Solutions)
ITX Igor Chromatogram File
ITX Impulse Imagine for Windows
ITX ISB Raw Song Format
ITX ITRANS Multilingual Transliteration Scheme
ITZ Amiga and PC Tracker Module
ITZ Impulse Tracker Music Module
IV Open Inventor File
IV-VRML Inventor VRML Format Document
IVB Truevision Targa Format Bitmap
IVC iView MediaPro Catalog (iView Multimedia Ltd.)
IVD Beyond 20/20 Microdata Dimension or Variable-level File
IVF Indeo Video File (Intel)
IVI MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 Topic (Microsoft)
IVNU Inetba Web Page (Inetba)
IVP Beyond 20/20 User Subset Profile
IVP Truevision Targa Bitmap
IVP PhotoSuite Ver 4 Image-based Virtual Reality Text File (Roxio)
IVQ MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 index full-text searches
IVR Virtual Reality World Live Picture
IVS iVisit
IVT Beyond 20/20 Table
IVT Concordance Inverted Full Text Database File
IVT MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 Information Title
IVU IVUE Live Picture Drawing
IVUE Live Picture Multi-view Format
IVX Beyond 20/20 Extract
IW IBM Updater File
IW IconAuthor - HSC InterActive Presentation Flowchart
IW Iconware Application
IW Idlewild Screensaver
IW4 DjVu File
IWA IBM Writing Assistant Text
IWC Installwatch Database
IWC WaveL Wavelet Compressed Bitmap (WaveL Software)
IWI Ignite Image Optimiser
IWM IconAuthor Start File (AimTech Corp)
IWP Wang Text File
IWR i*write 2.0 File
IWR_BAK i*write 2.0 Backup File
IWZ ItemWizard File
IX FrameMaker Index File (Adobe)
IX Modula-3 Linker Information
IX PaperPort Search File (ScanSoft Inc.)
IX WordPerfect Office Calendar Alarm File (Corel)
IX WordPerfect Office Calendar File (Corel)
IX1 Rebel Chess Program Database File
IX2 Rebel Chess Program Database File
IX2 WordPerfect Office Calendar Alarm File (Corel)
IX2 WordPerfect Office Calendar File Calendar File (Corel)
IX3 Rebel Chess Program Database File
IX4 Rebel Chess Program Database File
IXA Ulead Image File
IXC ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Coverages (ESRI)
IXC Index+ for Windows Code Definition File (System Simulation Ltd.)
IXF IFX for FAX FAX Document
IXF Index+ for Windows Form Defintion File (System Simulation Ltd.)
IXL DB/TextWorks Database Indexed List
IXR Index+ for Windows Report Definition File (System Simulation Ltd.)
IXS ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
IXX C++ Include File
IZD Intrexx Application Export Format
IZT IZL Binary Token
I_I Eru/erd File
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